Rowing 2020

157 Schools sponsored varsity Rowing teams during 2019-20:
   Total # of teams Total # of Athletes Average Roster Scholarship limit  Average Scholarship *
NCAA I8937891,7895,48848622013,51819,724
NCAA II155151075012133207,9949,193
NCAA III4931481,0481,4243430

Women’s rowing is an equivalency sport  so partial scholarships can  be awarded in any proportion to meet the limit per school; for example,  an NCAA Division I team can award 40 rowers each a 1/2 scholarship and not exceed the NCAA school limit of 20.   See our page on scholarship limits for more information.

Even though it’s the oldest intercollegiate sport in the United States, men’s rowing has never been an official NCAA sport. The Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) is the governing body for varsity Men’s programs while the American Collegiate Rowing Association (ACRA)  is the governing body for club teams and teams not competing under NCAA or IRA governance.

* Average Athletic Scholarship is the average annual amount of athletically related student aid per athlete for ALL varsity sports sponsored by the specific school. Some athletes receive full awards, some receive partial and many receive none. Additionally some sports within a school may be fully funded, some partially and some sports provide no athletic scholarships. Private schools generally have higher tuition than public schools and the average award will reflect this.

Do you have the skills to compete in College Rowing?

What level of athlete are coaches looking for and who are you competing with for a roster spot? A good way to get an idea is to look at the high-school bios of rowers currently on the roster of schools that interest you. Our table below has links to all 157 College varsity  team sites –  search schools and see how you compare.

Rowing - All Schools:

Schools with Varsity Rowing
teams 2020:
 City / Main Campus  StateDivision   Teams  Avr Men's
Avr Women's
  Avr SAT
 Avr ACT
Out of State 
University of AlabamaTuscaloosaALNCAA IW31,25422,6305802759%10,780
California Maritime AcademyVallejoCANAIA  MW184530  67%7,056 18,936
Humboldt State UniversityArcataCANCAA II W2,0971,7715252177%7,675 19,555
Loyola Marymount UniversityLos AngelesCANCAA  I MW21,30127,1056502947%48,522 48,522
Mills CollegeOaklandCANCAA IIIW5482586%30,257 30,257
Orange Coast CollegeCosta MesaCACCCAAMW1,186 7,978
Sacramento State SacramentoCANCAA  IW11,13111,1895151964%7,310 19,190
Saint Mary's College MoragaCANCAA  I W26,10721,9065702577%47,280 47,280
San Diego State UniversitySan DiegoCANCAA  IW20,83514,4966052535%7,488 19,340
Santa Clara UniversitySanta ClaraCANCAA  I MW17,27819,4566903050%51,711 51,711
Stanford University * Dropped 2021Palo AltoCANCAA  IMW31,34730,370760344%51,354 51,354
University of California-BerkeleyBerkeleyCANCAA  IMW13,57712,7787303315%14,184 43,176
University of California-Los AngelesLos AngelesCANCAA  IW25,20520,6467103214%13,226 42,218
University of California-San DiegoLa JollaCANCAA II MW2,6772,3537053030%14,167 43,159
University of San DiegoSan DiegoCANCAA  IMW11,91122,7556402853%49,358 49,358
University of Southern CaliforniaLos AngelesCANCAA  IW32,87233,3667403213%56,225 56,225
Connecticut CollegeNew LondonCTNCAA IIIMW  6803138%54,820 54,820
Fairfield UniversityFairfieldCTNCAA  I MW14,41415,570  60%48,350 48,350
Sacred Heart UniversityFairfieldCTNCAA  IW13,52512,026  60%41,420 41,420
Trinity CollegeHartfordCTNCAA IIIMW  7103134%56,910 56,910
U.S. Coast Guard AcademyNew LondonCTNCAA IIIMW6752919%FullRide!
University of Connecticut * Dropped 2021StorrsCTNCAA  IW29,05626,6626702949%15,730 38,098
Wesleyan UniversityMiddletownCTNCAA IIIMW    17%54,944 54,944
Yale UniversityNew HavenCTNCAA  IMW  770346%53,430 53,430
Catholic University WashingtonDCNCAA III MW    84%45,804 45,804
George Washington University WashingtonDCNCAA  I W20,74927,5706903142%55,230 55,230
Georgetown UniversityWashingtonDCNCAA  IMW12,04016,5027353315%54,104 54,104
University of DelawareNewarkDENCAA  IW22,75319,7586252866%13,680 34,310
Barry UniversityMiamiFLNCAA II W11,85217,0964752091%30,014 30,014
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UnivDaytona BeachFLNCAA II MW9,67013,872  65%35,814 35,814
Florida Institute of TechnologyMelbourneFLNCAA II MW11,81112,4086302865%41,850 41,850
Jacksonville UniversityJacksonvilleFLNCAA  IMW9,66718,3025432490%36,670 36,670
Nova Southeastern UniversityFort LauderdaleFLNCAA II W12,53915,3305852579%30,900 30,900
Rollins CollegeWinter ParkFLNCAA II MW9,01811,559  67%49,760 49,760
Stetson UniversityDeLandFLNCAA  IMW11,54419,075  68%46,030 46,030
University of Central FloridaOrlandoFLNCAA  IW19,47017,6666202743%6,368 22,467
University of MiamiCoral GablesFLNCAA  IW53,66735,7756853132%50,226 50,226
University of TampaTampaFLNCAA II W7,8098,6635802549%29,208 29,208
Drake UniversityDes MoinesIANCAA  IW7,67117,8176202768%41,396 41,396
University of IowaIowa CityIANCAA  IW19,96818,7116152683%9,267 31,233
North Park UniversityChicagoILNCAA IIIW5252247%29,860 29,860
Indiana UniversityBloomingtonINNCAA  IW24,49421,3476302877%10,681 35,456
University of Notre DameNotre DameINNCAA  IW34,32735,1087503418%53,391 53,391
Kansas State UniversityManhattanKSNCAA  IW21,72217,275  93%10,383 25,887
University of KansasLawrenceKSNCAA  IW26,65721,857 2692%11,148 27,358
University of LouisvilleLouisvilleKYNCAA  IW24,18424,1315902672%11,656 27,278
Assumption CollegeWorcesterMANCAA II W4,5104,952  81%40,958 40,958
Boston CollegeChestnut HillMANCAA  IW31,15427,2287203328%55,464 55,464
Boston UniversityBostonMANCAA  I MW27,40029,1587303222%53,948 53,948
Clark UniversityWorcesterMANCAA III W  59%45,730 45,730
Gordon CollegeWenhamMANCAA III MW5782675%37,400 37,400
Harvard UniversityCambridgeMANCAA  IMW770345%50,420 50,420
Holy CrossWorcesterMANCAA  IMW16,82716,235  38%52,770 52,770
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCambridgeMANCAA  IMW790357%51,832 51,832
Massachusetts Maritime AcademyBuzzards BayMANCAA IIIMW5652389%9,728 26,106
Merrimack CollegeNorth AndoverMANCAA IW16,83917,048  83%41,760 41,760
Mount Holyoke CollegeSouth HadleyMANCAA IIIW7153151%49,998 49,998
Northeastern UniversityBostonMANCAA  I MW32,25634,4417403319%51,522 51,522
Simmons CollegeBostonMANCAA IIIW5952770%40,850 40,850
Smith CollegeNorthamptonMANCAA IIIW  31%52,404 52,404
Tufts UniversityMedfordMANCAA IIIMW7403315%56,382 56,382
University of MassachusettsAmherstMANCAA  IW19,47518,2336552960%15,887 34,570
Wellesley CollegeWellesley MANCAA IIIW7203220%53,732 53,732
Wentworth Institute of TechnologyBostonMANCAA IIIM6002576%33,950 33,950
Williams CollegeWilliamstownMANCAA IIIMW7453413%55,450 55,450
Worcester Polytechnic InstituteWorcesterMANCAA IIIMW  42%50,530 50,530
Loyola University MarylandBaltimoreMDNCAA  I MW14,73217,211  79%48,920 48,920
St John's CollegeAnnapolisMDIndepMW58%53,343 53,343
St Mary's College of MarylandSt. Mary's CityMDNCAA III MW5802680%14,806 30,568
U.S. Naval AcademyAnnapolisMDNCAA  IMW640299%FullRide!
Washington CollegeChestertownMDNCAA IIIMW  64%46,978 46,978
Bates CollegeLewistonMENCAA IIIMW  18%53,794 53,794
Colby CollegeWatervilleMENCAA IIIMW7253213%55,210 55,210
Adrian CollegeAdrianMINCAA III MW5232365%37,087 37,087
Eastern Michigan UniversityYpsilantiMINCAA  IW21,07516,4955101976%12,508 12,508
Michigan State UniversityEast LansingMINCAA  IW25,03321,7216052678%14,460 39,766
University of MichiganAnn ArborMINCAA  IW30,57326,0887253223%15,262 49,350
University of MinnesotaMinneapolisMNNCAA  IW21,36818,2287102952%14,760 30,438
Duke UniversityDurhamNCNCAA  IW32,38441,803770349%55,695 55,695
University of North Carolina Chapel HillNCNCAA  IW19,89019,5517003123%8,987 35,170
Creighton UniversityOmahaNENCAA  I W19,85415,2266252771%39,916 39,916
Dartmouth CollegeHanoverNHNCAA  IMW755339%55,453 55,453
Franklin Pierce UniversityRindgeNHNCAA II W6,1189,2345302166%36,900 36,900
Princeton UniversityPrincetonNJNCAA  IMW765345%50,340 50,340
Rutgers UniversityNew BrunswickNJNCAA  IW22,85121,1676652860%14,974 31,282
Stockton UniversityGallowayNJNCAA III W5452284%13,739 20,866
Barnard (Columbia Univ)New YorkNYNCAA  I W7103214%55,032 55,032
Canisius CollegeBuffaloNYNCAA  I W9,64911,4975802479%28,488 28,488
Colgate UniversityHamiltonNYNCAA  IMW20,82220,6007253325%55,870 55,870
Columbia University New YorkNYNCAA  IMW770346%59,430 59,430
Cornell UniversityIthacaNYNCAA  IMW7503311%55,188 55,188
D'Youville CollegeBuffaloNYNCAA III W56519100%26,750 26,750
Fordham UniversityBronxNYNCAA  IW24,45131,5656803046%52,687 52,687
Hamilton CollegeClintonNYNCAA III MW7253321%54,620 54,620
Hobart William Smith CollegesGenevaNYNCAA IIIMW6202857%55,255 55,255
Iona CollegeNew RochelleNYNCAA  IMW13,49913,0505352388%38,812 38,812
Ithaca CollegeIthacaNYNCAA IIIMW  69%43,978 43,978
Manhattan CollegeRiverdaleNYNCAA  I W16,75118,8395802575%42,608 42,608
Marist CollegePoughkeepsieNYNCAA  IMW7,57812,700  46%39,600 39,600
Nazareth CollegeRochesterNYNCAA III W  64%34,505 34,505
Rochester Institute of TechnologyRochesterNYNCAA III MW6653066%42,345 42,345
Saint John Fisher CollegeRochesterNYNCAA III MW5852464%34,310 34,310
Sarah Lawrence CollegeBronxvilleNYNCAA III W6453056%55,900 55,900
Schenectady County CCSchenectadyNYNJCAA W4,944 9,360
Skidmore CollegeSaratoga SpringsNYNCAA III MW6552927%54,420 54,420
St Lawrence UniversityCantonNYNCAA III MW6382946%54,846 54,846
SUNY Maritime CollegeThroggs NeckNYNCAA IIIMW5902572%8,283 18,063
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseNYNCAA  IMW30,43635,1246452850%51,853 51,853
Union CollegeSchenectadyNYNCAA IIIMW  39%55,290 55,290
University of RochesterRochesterNYNCAA III W7353229%53,909 53,909
Vassar CollegePoughkeepsieNYNCAA III MW7303225%56,960 56,960
Marietta CollegeMariettaOHNCAA III MW5482369%36,040 36,040
Ohio State UniversityColumbusOHNCAA  IW19,95020,3537053052%10,726 30,742
Ohio Wesleyan University * Dropped 2021DelawareOHNCAA III W  69%45,760 45,760
University of DaytonDaytonOHNCAA  IW10,94218,1076052772%42,900 42,900
University of Central OklahomaEdmondOKNCAA II W6,5015,970 2278%7,489 18,376
University of OklahomaNormanOKNCAA  IW28,31224,7886202678%11,538 26,919
University of TulsaTulsaOKNCAA  IW42,33739,5896452941%41,509 41,509
Lewis & Clark CollegePortlandORNCAA IIIMW  74%50,934 50,934
Oregon State UniversityCorvallisORNCAA  IMW19,33019,5316002581%11,166 30,141
Pacific UniversityForest GroveORNCAA IIIW5752485%44,298 44,298
University of PortlandPortlandORNCAA  I W27,83827,0026102675%45,904 45,904
Bryn Mawr CollegeBryn Mawr PANCAA IIIW  34%52,360 52,360
Bucknell UniversityLewisburgPANCAA  IW18,12822,4986803033%56,092 56,092
Cabrini UniversityRadnorPANCAA III W  72%31,920 31,920
Drexel UniversityPhiladelphiaPANCAA  I MW19,04222,8376502877%53,244 53,244
Duquesne UniversityPittsburghPANCAA  IW22,38219,5385952772%38,178 38,178
Franklin & Marshall CollegeLancasterPANCAA IIIMW  35%56,550 56,550
La Salle UniversityPhiladelphiaPANCAA  I MW10,24711,453  81%30,710 30,710
Lehigh UniversityBethlehemPANCAA  IMW20,89221,5317053122%52,930 52,930
Mercyhurst UniversityEriePANCAA II MW14,25315,271  60%37,170 37,170
Robert Morris UniversityMoon TownshipPANCAA  IW19,32620,5135552584%30,300 30,300
Saint Joseph's UniversityPhiladelphiaPANCAA  I MW14,92320,1255952676%44,974 44,974
Temple UniversityPhiladelphiaPANCAA  IMW28,37628,133  59%16,970 29,066
Thomas Jefferson UniversityPhiladelphiaPANCAA II W9,65411,1325702558%40,651 40,651
University of PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaPANCAA  IMW760348%55,584 55,584
Villanova UniversityVillanovaPANCAA  IW22,85319,3047103229%53,308 53,308
Brown UniversityProvidenceRINCAA  IMW755348%55,466 55,466
Johnson & Wales UniversityProvidenceRINCAA IIIW  91%32,441 32,441
University of Rhode IslandKingstonRINCAA  IW21,46719,4775752469%14,138 30,862
Clemson UniversityClemsonSCNCAA  IW37,11326,8686603047%15,374 37,128
University of TennesseeKnoxvilleTNNCAA  IW28,68223,3156202878%13,006 31,426
Southern Methodist UniversityDallasTXNCAA  IW50,69146,3377003151%54,492 54,492
University of Texas AustinTXNCAA  IW24,82519,5356853039%10,610 37,580
George Mason UniversityFairfaxVANCAA  I W13,02116,2066052781%12,462 35,922
Old Dominion UniversityNorfolkVANCAA  IW22,64619,0715402187%10,560 29,460
University of VirginiaCharlottesvilleVANCAA  IW28,33526,3717203226%17,653 49,032
Gonzaga UniversitySpokaneWANCAA  I MW13,55216,6016352866%43,210 43,210
Pacific Lutheran UniversityTacomaWANCAA III W5802480%42,436 42,436
Seattle Pacific UniversitySeattleWANCAA II  W14,18611,1705602490%42,939 42,939
Seattle UniversitySeattleWANCAA  I W16,18920,4626102776%44,610 44,610
University of Puget SoundTacomaWANCAA III MW  88%49,776 49,776
University of WashingtonSeattleWANCAA  IMW23,72022,9486903049%11,207 36,588
Washington State UniversityPullmanWANCAA  IW23,06720,8615552377%11,584 25,820
Western Washington UniversityBellinghamWANCAA II W5,2166,3115802688%8,126 23,540
Milwaukee School of EngineeringMilwaukeeWINCAA III MW6552863%40,749 40,749
University of WisconsinMadisonWINCAA  IMW22,68818,1607003052%10,555 36,805
West Virginia UniversityMorgantownWVNCAA  IW20,24319,1235702482%8,856 24,950