73 Schools sponsored varsity Rodeo teams during 2019-20:
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NCAA 999

Rodeo is not an official NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA sport and  there are no  limits imposed by these associations on athletic scholarships for participation on varsity rodeo teams. The governing body for college rodeo competitions is the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA) which includes both varsity and club programs.

*Average athletic scholarship in the table below is the average amount of athletically related student aid per athlete for ALL varsity sports sponsored by the school. Some athletes receive full awards, some receive partial and many receive none. Additionally some sports within a school may be fully funded, some partially and some sports provide no athletic scholarships. Private schools generally have higher tuition than public schools and the average award will reflect this.

College varsity Rodeo teams 2020:

Rodeo - All Schools:

Schools with Varsity Rodeo
teams 2020:
 City / Main Campus  StateDivision   Teams  Avr Men's
Avr Women's
  Avr SAT
 Avr ACT
Out of State 
University of West AlabamaLivingstonALNCAA II MW8,13910,8904602140%10,040
Southern Arkansas UniversityMagnoliaARNCAA II MW4,1974,9925452269%8,786 12,866
Central Arizona CollegeCoolidgeAZNJCAA MW4,3335,6672,580 11,100
Cochise CollegeDouglasAZNJCAA MW5,0125,483 2,040 6,240
Dine CollegeTsaileAZUSCAAMW8119271,410 1,410
Feather River CC QuincyCACCCAAMW  1,461 8,511
Lassen Community CollegeSusanvilleCACCCAAMW  1,127 7,319
West Hills College-CoalingaCoalingaCACCCAAMW  1,380 11,130
Colorado Northwestern CCRangelyCONJCAA MW2,2863,3264,018 6,401
Lamar CCLamarCONJCAA MW3,1493,5083,950 6,332
Otero Junior CollegeLa JuntaCONJCAA MW5,4915,8293,975 6,358
Graceland UniversityLamoniIANAIA  MW5,5554,7875202158%29,240 29,240
Iowa Central CCFort DodgeIANJCAA MW1,3922,3795,490 7,890
College of Southern IdahoTwin FallsIDNJCAA MW6,4829,1844,560 6,840
Coffeyville CCCoffeyvilleKSNJCAA MW1,8941,7762,304 3,872
Colby CCColbyKSNJCAA MW2,0282,1133,758 5,298
Dodge City CCDodge CityKSNJCAA MW1,6871,4493,270 3,630
Fort Scott CCFort ScottKSNJCAA MW2,6072,2163,330 3,330
Garden City CCGarden CityKSNJCAA MW2,9812,7473,240 3,810
Missouri Valley CollegeMarshallMONAIA  MW8,67710,7134951959%20,600 20,600
Three Rivers CollegePoplar BluffMONJCAA MW8,4938,9915,400 6,540
East Mississippi CCScoobaMSNJCAA MW3,8064,5303,440 6,440
Northwest Mississippi CCSenatobiaMSNJCAA MW3,2583,0733,000 5,400
Pearl River CCPoplarvilleMSNJCAA MW4,2164,6663,500 5,898
Dawson Community CollegeGlendiveMTNJCAA MW3,0234,3385,250 7,770
Miles Community CollegeMiles CityMTNJCAA MW4,9345,9495,550 8,820
Montana State University-NorthernHavreMTNAIA  MW3,7722,006  100%5,955 18,665
University of Montana-WesternDillonMTNAIA  MW4,0724,6374952060%5,717 17,179
University of ProvidenceGreat FallsMTNAIA  MW16,05915,984  56%25,168 25,168
Dickinson State UniversityDickinsonNDNAIA  MW1,1761,3124772166%6,768 9,546
Chadron State CollegeChadronNENCAA II MW3,4883,9297,384 7,414
Nebraska College of Tech AgricultureCurtisNEIndepMW   5,228 5,228
North Platte CCNorth PlatteNENJCAA MW2,6973,4463,210 4,050
Northeast Community CollegeNorfolkNENJCAA MW3,6514,4043,480 4,635
Eastern New Mexico UniversityPortalesNMNCAA II MW4,1945,6944752060%6,326 8,247
Mesalands Community CollegeTucumcariNMIndepMW2,1422,2891,812 2,916
Navajo Technical UniversityCrownpointNMUSCAAMW6367334,070 4,070
New Mexico Junior CollegeHobbsNMNJCAA MW4,4925,0351,776 1,968
Connors State CollegeWarnerOKNJCAA MW1,3582,7853,600 7,410
Northwestern Oklahoma State UnivAlvaOKNCAA II MW2,7002,9595702062%7,471 14,558
Oklahoma Panhandle State UnivGoodwellOKNAIA MW2,4173,4357,930 8,674
Southeastern Oklahoma State UnivDurantOKNCAA II MW5,3047,431 2175%6,750 15,390
Southwestern Oklahoma State UnivWeatherfordOKNCAA II MW4,2625,269 2192%7,335 14,235
Western Oklahoma State CollegeAltusOKNJCAA MW1,6463,5944,662 8,726
Blue Mountain Community CollegePendletonORNWACMW1,5032,555 5,810 15,943
Treasure Valley CCOntarioORNWACMW1,6732,5045,445 5,895
Erskine CollegeDue WestSCNCAA II MW3,9578,8495152158%36,150 36,150
University of Tennessee-MartinMartinTNNCAA  IMW10,6159,752 2469%9,512 15,552
Cisco CollegeCiscoTXNJCAA MW1,9092,2964,710 4,710
Clarendon CollegeClarendonTXNJCAA MW2,5242,3973,264 4,008
Frank Phillips CollegeBorgerTXNJCAA MW2,6702,9944,118 4,388
Hill CollegeHillsboroTXNJCAA MW2,5942,9432,982 3,382
Howard CollegeBig SpringTXNJCAA MW5,3568,0913,970 5,420
North Central Texas CollegeGainesvilleTXNJCAA MW5,7308,0293,864 6,384
Northeast Texas CCMount PleasantTXNJCAA MW2,5933,2194,709 6,149
Odessa CollegeOdessaTXNJCAA MW6,4137,8783,834 4,842
Panola CollegeCarthageTXNJCAA MW6,5317,9163,264 4,152
Ranger CollegeRangerTXNJCAA MW4,4314,5824,505 5,765
Southwest Texas Junior CollegeUvaldeTXIndepMW6,1049,4963,942 6,170
Trinity Valley CCAthensTXNJCAA MW4,3106,7044,920 5,970
Vernon CollegeVernonTXNJCAA MW3,3574,4504,360 5,720
Weatherford CollegeWeatherfordTXNJCAA MW3,8016,4673,960 5,610
Western Texas CollegeSnyderTXNJCAA MW4,1725,5854,020 5,160
Wharton County Junior CollegeWhartonTXNJCAA MW3,3404,3463,576 4,824
Snow CollegeEphraimUTNJCAA  MW2,8274,1193,742 12,562
Utah State Univ - EasternPriceUTNJCAA MW4,0374,936   2,183 5,798
Walla Walla CCWalla WallaWANWACMW1,1661,4514,455 5,955
Casper CollegeCasperWYNJCAA MW8,1389,7733,072 7,584
Central Wyoming CollegeRivertonWYNJCAA MW4,4993,486 3,120 7,632
Eastern Wyoming CollegeTorringtonWYNJCAA MW5,8209,5252,928 7,440
Laramie County CCCheyenneWYNJCAA MW5,6136,1893,426 7,938
Northwest CollegePowellWYNJCAA MW3,7224,9443,447 7,959
Sheridan CollegeSheridanWYNJCAA MW5,4895,4973,396 7,908