Covid 2020

Listing of College athletic teams dropped in 2020:

The following is our listing of Four year college (NCAA & NAIA) teams eliminated so far during the coronavirus pandemic. Teams were officially dropped due to school closures or budget cuts, and most if not all of these of these changes were likely in the works for some time. However the Covid-19 situation may have accelerated the decision making for many schools.

We have complied a list of 227 teams dropped so far in 2020. NCAA I is the division with the most teams cut (78 teams) and Tennis is the sport with the most cuts (49 teams). Tennis has the highest percentage of international players of any other NCAA sport which may be a contributing factor to why it’s at the top of the list:

Golf2676 112
Cross Country202 6 84
Swimming17114 2
Soccer15 2 5 4 4
Basketball12 4 4 4
Track & Field1232 3 4
Lacrosse91 2 51
Volleyball81 3 1 3
Rowing74 12
Baseball5 3 1 1  
Softball5 1 2 1 1
Squash5 5
Wrestling5 2 1 2
Sailing4 3 1
Bowling3 1 2
Equestrian3 1 2
Football3 2 1
Other Sports (2 or less teams cut)84 22
Totals @ 10/25/2022778606227

35% of the reduction (80 teams) is due to the closing of six schools (see below) while 65% is attributable to budget cuts & program restructuring.  While sports such as tennis and golf took hits due to budget cuts, sports such as basketball only lost teams due to school closings. And to put it in perspective, by our count there are still over 22,000 NCAA & NAIA varsity teams remaining, so the dropped teams – so far – represent around 1% of the total number of Four year college teams. However there will also likely be announcements of additional closures of smaller schools in the coming months.

Team eliminations by gender:
Men's Teams11647282912
Women's Teams10830323115
Coed Teams31 2
Totals 22778606227
Teams were dropped due to School Closures & Budget Cuts:

80 of the teams dropped were due to school closures , while 147 teams were cut due to budgetary & other issues. Stanford made the most cuts due to budgetary & program restructuring reasons (11) while U Mass Dartmouth (9), Brown (6) and George Washington (6) also made significant team reductions:

A detailed & sortable listing by School @ 10/25/20 is as follows:
Urbana UniversityNCAA II AcrobaticsWomen's
Boise State UniversityNCAA  IBaseballMen's
Chicago State UniversityNCAA  IBaseballMen's
Furman UniversityNCAA  IBaseballMen's
MacMurray CollegeNCAA III BaseballMen's
Urbana UniversityNCAA II BaseballMen's
Holy Family College NAIA  BasketballMen's
Holy Family College NAIA  BasketballWomen's
Johnson & Wales - DenverNCAA IIIBasketballMen's
Johnson & Wales - DenverNCAA IIIBasketballWomen's
Johnson & Wales - MiamiNAIA BasketballMen's
Johnson & Wales - MiamiNAIA  BasketballWomen's
MacMurray CollegeNCAA III BasketballMen's
MacMurray CollegeNCAA III BasketballWomen's
Notre Dame de Namur UniversityNCAA II BasketballMen's
Notre Dame de Namur UniversityNCAA II BasketballWomen's
Urbana UniversityNCAA II BasketballMen's
Urbana UniversityNCAA II BasketballWomen's
Holy Family College NAIA  BowlingMen's
Holy Family College NAIA  BowlingWomen's
Lincoln UniversityNCAA II BowlingWomen's
Elmira CollegeNCAA III Cross CountryMen's
Elmira CollegeNCAA III Cross CountryWomen's
Holy Family College NAIA  Cross CountryMen's
Holy Family College NAIA  Cross CountryWomen's
Johnson & Wales - DenverNCAA IIICross CountryMen's
Johnson & Wales - DenverNCAA IIICross CountryWomen's
Johnson & Wales - MiamiNAIA Cross CountryMen's
Johnson & Wales - MiamiNAIA Cross CountryWomen's
MacMurray CollegeNCAA III Cross CountryMen's
MacMurray CollegeNCAA III Cross CountryWomen's
Notre Dame de Namur UniversityNCAA II Cross CountryMen's
Notre Dame de Namur UniversityNCAA II Cross CountryWomen's
Rollins CollegeNCAA II Cross CountryMen's
Rollins CollegeNCAA II Cross CountryWomen's
University of AkronNCAA  ICross CountryMen's
University of ConnecticutNCAA  ICross CountryMen's
Urbana UniversityNCAA II Cross CountryMen's
Urbana UniversityNCAA II Cross CountryWomen's
Johnson & Wales - ProvidenceNCAA III Cross CountryWomen's
Johnson & Wales - ProvidenceNCAA III Cross CountryMen's
Tiffin UniversityNCAA II EquestrianWomen's
Univ of Massachusetts-DartmouthNCAA III EquestrianWomen's
Alfred State College of TechnologyNCAA III EquestrianCoed
Brown UniversityNCAA  IFencingMen's
Stanford UniversityNCAA  IFencingMen's
Stanford UniversityNCAA  IFencingWomen's
Becker CollegeNCAA III Field HockeyWomen's
Stanford UniversityNCAA  IField HockeyWomen's
Florida Institute of TechnologyNCAA II FootballMen's
MacMurray CollegeNCAA III FootballMen's
Urbana UniversityNCAA II FootballMen's
Brown UniversityNCAA  IGolfMen's
Brown UniversityNCAA  IGolfWomen's
Earlham CollegeNCAA III GolfMen's
Earlham CollegeNCAA III GolfWomen's
Elmira CollegeNCAA III GolfWomen's
Hampton UniversityNCAA  IGolfMen's
Hampton UniversityNCAA  IGolfWomen's
Johnson & Wales - DenverNCAA IIIGolfMen's
Johnson & Wales - DenverNCAA IIIGolfWomen's
Johnson & Wales - MiamiNAIA  GolfMen's
Johnson & Wales - MiamiNAIA  GolfWomen's
MacMurray CollegeNCAA III GolfMen's
MacMurray CollegeNCAA III GolfWomen's
Notre Dame de Namur UniversityNCAA II GolfMen's
Roberts Wesleyan CollegeNCAA II GolfMen's
Saint Edward's UniversityNCAA II GolfMen's
Saint Edward's UniversityNCAA II GolfWomen's
Univ of Massachusetts-DartmouthNCAA III GolfMen's
Univ of Massachusetts-DartmouthNCAA III GolfWomen's
University of AkronNCAA  IGolfMen's
Urbana UniversityNCAA II GolfMen's
Urbana UniversityNCAA II GolfWomen's
Johnson & Wales - ProvidenceNCAA III GolfMen's
Johnson & Wales - ProvidenceNCAA III GolfWomen's
Dartmouth CollegeNCAA  IGolfMen's
Dartmouth CollegeNCAA  IGolfWomen's
Seattle Pacific UniversityNCAA II GymnasticsWomen's
University of MinnesotaNCAA  IGymnasticsMen's
University of IowaNCAA  IGymnasticsMen's
College of William & MaryNCAA  IGymnasticsMen's
University of Alaska AnchorageNCAA  IGymnasticsWomen's
University of Alaska AnchorageNCAA  IHockeyMen's
Becker CollegeNCAA III LacrosseMen's
Furman UniversityNCAA  ILacrosseMen's
Johnson & Wales - DenverNCAA IIILacrosseMen's
Johnson & Wales - DenverNCAA IIILacrosseWomen's
Notre Dame de Namur UniversityNCAA II LacrosseMen's
Taylor UniversityNAIA  LacrosseWomen's
Univ of Massachusetts-DartmouthNCAA III LacrosseMen's
Urbana UniversityNCAA II LacrosseWomen's
Alfred State College of TechnologyNCAA III LacrosseMen's
Roger Williams UniversityNCAA III PoloMen's
George Washington UniversityNCAA  IRowingMen's
Ohio Wesleyan UniversityNCAA III RowingWomen's
Stanford UniversityNCAA  IRowingMen's
Stanford UniversityNCAA  IRowingWomen's
University of ConnecticutNCAA  IRowingWomen's
North Park UniversityNCAA III RowingWomen's
Nova Southeastern UniversityNCAA II RowingWomen's
George Washington UniversityNCAA  ISailingMen's
Stanford UniversityNCAA  ISailingCoed
Stanford UniversityNCAA  ISailingWomen's
Univ of Massachusetts-DartmouthNCAA III SailingCoed
Brown UniversityNCAA  ISkiingWomen's
University of Alaska AnchorageNCAA  IISkiingMen's
University of Alaska AnchorageNCAA  IISkiingWomen's
Appalachian State UniversityNCAA  ISoccerMen's
Holy Family College NAIA  SoccerMen's
Holy Family College NAIA  SoccerWomen's
Johnson & Wales - DenverNCAA IIISoccerMen's
Johnson & Wales - DenverNCAA IIISoccerWomen's
Johnson & Wales - MiamiNAIA SoccerMen's
Johnson & Wales - MiamiNAIA SoccerWomen's
MacMurray CollegeNCAA III SoccerMen's
MacMurray CollegeNCAA III SoccerWomen's
Notre Dame de Namur UniversityNCAA II SoccerMen's
Notre Dame de Namur UniversityNCAA II SoccerWomen's
Saint Edward's UniversityNCAA II SoccerMen's
University of CincinnatiNCAA  ISoccerMen's
Urbana UniversityNCAA II SoccerMen's
Urbana UniversityNCAA II SoccerWomen's
Holy Family College NAIA  SoftballWomen's
MacMurray CollegeNCAA III SoftballWomen's
Notre Dame de Namur UniversityNCAA II SoftballWomen's
Urbana UniversityNCAA II SoftballWomen's
Wright State UniversityNCAA  ISoftballWomen's
Brown UniversityNCAA  ISquashMen's
Brown UniversityNCAA  ISquashWomen's
George Washington UniversityNCAA  ISquashMen's
George Washington UniversityNCAA  ISquashWomen's
Stanford UniversityNCAA  ISquashWomen's
Boise State UniversityNCAA  ISwimmingWomen's
East Carolina UniversityNCAA  ISwimmingMen's
East Carolina UniversityNCAA  ISwimmingWomen's
Tiffin UniversityNCAA II SwimmingMen's
Tiffin UniversityNCAA II SwimmingWomen's
Univ of Massachusetts-DartmouthNCAA III SwimmingMen's
Univ of Massachusetts-DartmouthNCAA III SwimmingWomen's
University of ConnecticutNCAA  ISwimmingMen's
Urbana UniversityNCAA II SwimmingMen's
Urbana UniversityNCAA II SwimmingWomen's
Western Illinois UniversityNCAA  ISwimmingMen's
Western Illinois UniversityNCAA  ISwimmingWomen's
University of IowaNCAA  ISwimmingMen's
Dartmouth CollegeNCAA  ISwimmingMen's
College of William & MaryNCAA  ISwimmingMen's
University of IowaNCAA  ISwimmingWomen's
Dartmouth CollegeNCAA  ISwimmingWomen's
Stanford UniversityNCAA  ISync SwimmingWomen's
Appalachian State UniversityNCAA  ITennisMen's
Blackburn CollegeNCAA III TennisMen's
Blackburn CollegeNCAA III TennisWomen's
Centenary College of LouisianaNCAA III TennisMen's
Centenary College of LouisianaNCAA III TennisWomen's
College of Staten Island NCAA II TennisMen's
College of Staten Island NCAA II TennisWomen's
Concord UniversityNCAA II TennisMen's
Concord UniversityNCAA II TennisWomen's
Earlham CollegeNCAA III TennisMen's
Earlham CollegeNCAA III TennisWomen's
East Carolina UniversityNCAA  ITennisMen's
East Carolina UniversityNCAA  ITennisWomen's
Fayetteville State UniversityNCAA II TennisWomen's
Fontbonne UniversityNCAA III TennisMen's
Fontbonne UniversityNCAA III TennisWomen's
George Washington UniversityNCAA  ITennisMen's
Roberts Wesleyan CollegeNCAA II TennisMen's
Roberts Wesleyan CollegeNCAA II TennisWomen's
Saint Edward's UniversityNCAA II TennisMen's
Saint Edward's UniversityNCAA II TennisWomen's
Sonoma State UniversityNCAA II TennisMen's
Sonoma State UniversityNCAA II TennisWomen's
Southern Utah UniversityNCAA  ITennisMen's
Southern Utah UniversityNCAA  ITennisWomen's
Taylor UniversityNAIA  TennisMen's
Taylor UniversityNAIA  TennisWomen's
Univ of Massachusetts-DartmouthNCAA III TennisWomen's
Univ of Wisconsin-Green BayNCAA  ITennisMen's
Univ of Wisconsin-Green BayNCAA  ITennisWomen's
University of AkronNCAA  ITennisWomen's
University of Alabama in HuntsvilleNCAA II TennisMen's
University of Alabama in HuntsvilleNCAA II TennisWomen's
University of Arkansas at Pine BluffNCAA  ITennisMen's
University of Arkansas at Pine BluffNCAA  ITennisWomen's
University of ConnecticutNCAA  ITennisMen's
University of Northern ColoradoNCAA  ITennisMen's
University of Northern ColoradoNCAA  ITennisWomen's
Winthrop UniversityNCAA  ITennisMen's
Winthrop UniversityNCAA  ITennisWomen's
Wright State UniversityNCAA  ITennisMen's
Wright State UniversityNCAA  ITennisWomen's
University of MinnesotaNCAA  ITennisMen's
Univ of Massachusetts-DartmouthNCAA III TennisMen's
Johnson & Wales - ProvidenceNCAA III TennisWomen's
Johnson & Wales - ProvidenceNCAA III TennisMen's
Holy Family UniversityNCAA II TennisWomen's
University of IowaNCAA  ITennisMen's
University of Maryland Eastern ShoreNCAA  ITennisWomen's
Central Michigan UniversityNCAA  ITrackMen's
Holy Family College NAIA  TrackMen's
Holy Family College NAIA  TrackWomen's
Johnson & Wales - DenverNCAA IIITrackMen's
Johnson & Wales - DenverNCAA IIITrackWomen's
Johnson & Wales - MiamiNAIA  TrackMen's
Johnson & Wales - MiamiNAIA  TrackWomen's
MacMurray CollegeNCAA III TrackWomen's
Notre Dame de Namur UniversityNCAA II TrackMen's
Notre Dame de Namur UniversityNCAA II TrackWomen's
University of MinnesotaNCAA  ITrackMen's
College of William & MaryNCAA  ITrackMen's
Holy Family College NAIA  VolleyballWomen's
Johnson & Wales - DenverNCAA IIIVolleyballWomen's
Johnson & Wales - MiamiNAIA VolleyballWomen's
Notre Dame de Namur UniversityNCAA II VolleyballWomen's
Stanford UniversityNCAA  IVolleyballMen's
Urbana UniversityNCAA II VolleyballMen's
Urbana UniversityNCAA II VolleyballWomen's
Briar Cliff UniversityNAIA  VolleyballMen's
George Washington UniversityNCAA  IWater PoloWomen's
Sonoma State UniversityNCAA II Water PoloWomen's
MacMurray CollegeNCAA III WrestlingMen's
MacMurray CollegeNCAA III WrestlingWomen's
Old Dominion UniversityNCAA  IWrestlingMen's
Stanford UniversityNCAA  IWrestlingMen's
Urbana UniversityNCAA II WrestlingMen's