Average per Athlete 2020

US Colleges awarded over $ 4 billion in Athletic Scholarships during 2019-20:
# of
Avr Male
Avr Female
Value of
% of Scholarship $ awarded
NCAA I35790,24174,986$ 18,013$ 18,722$ 2.76 billion
NCAA II30365,25546,498$ 6,588$ 8,054$ 752 million
NCAA III445106,84376,406---
NAIA23844,67829,767$ 8,093$ 7,870$ 546 million
24,177$ 2,376$ 3,259$ 157 million
Other Divisions25424,196
15,654$ 326$ 482$ 14 million
2,077367,364 267,488$ 4.23 billion

There are over 2,000 US Colleges (2 & 4 year) with varsity athletic programs. Collectively these schools awarded over  $ 4.2 billion in athletic scholarships during their 2019-20 fiscal years. NCAA Division I Schools account for almost 2/3 of every athletic scholarship dollar awarded. NCAA III schools have the most participating athletes but do not award scholarships based on athletic ability. However NCAA III as well as all other schools grant forms of non-athletically based financial assistance that all students – including student athletes – may qualify for. Scholarship averages above are adjusted for  multi-sport athletes.

*  Average Athletic Scholarship is the average per athlete for ALL varsity sports sponsored by the school.  Some athletes receive full awards, some receive partial and many receive none. Additionally some sports within a school may be fully funded, some partially and some sports provide no athletically based student aid. 

Schools with the highest average athletic scholarships – 2020:
Southern Methodist NCAA I$ 48,544$ 50,691$ 46,337
Vanderbilt NCAA I$ 44,645$ 48,778$ 39,716
MiamiNCAA I$ 43,982$ 53,667$ 35,775
Rice NCAA I$ 43,775$ 44,318$ 42,897
TulsaNCAA I$ 41,085$ 42,337$ 39,589
Northwestern NCAA I$ 40,561$ 44,002$ 36,951
Texas Christian NCAA I$ 40,005$ 45,276$ 34,381
Tulane NCAA I$ 39,550$ 39,234$ 39,985
Wake Forest NCAA I$ 38,992$ 39,305$ 38,464
Duke NCAA I$ 36,270$ 32,384$ 41,803
DenverNCAA I$ 35,475$ 30,325$ 41,091
Notre DameNCAA I$ 34,638$ 34,327$ 35,108
San FranciscoNCAA I$ 34,562$ 31,466$ 37,569
Louisiana State NCAA I$ 34,306$ 35,519$ 32,899
Baylor NCAA I$ 34,242$ 42,986$ 27,451
Northeastern NCAA I$ 33,440$ 32,256$ 34,441
Southern CaliforniaNCAA I$ 33,104$ 32,872$ 33,366
MarylandNCAA I$ 32,903$ 32,059$ 34,199
Auburn NCAA I$ 32,646$ 32,986$ 32,247
Syracuse NCAA I$ 32,605$ 30,436$ 35,124
Clemson NCAA I$ 32,424$ 37,113$ 26,868
ColoradoNCAA I$ 32,325$ 35,227$ 28,939
ArizonaNCAA I$ 31,400$ 30,010$ 33,312
StanfordNCAA I$ 30,868$ 31,347$ 30,370
FurmanNCAA I$ 30,534$ 29,330$ 32,893

NCAA I  schools are the big dogs in available athletic scholarship money but also have the steepest odds in making a roster. Ivy league schools are all NCAA I members but do not appear on this list as they technically do not award  athletic scholarships. However Ivy League as well as all other schools also award non-athletically based forms of financial assistance that all students – including  athletes – may qualify for.

Athletic Scholarship Averages for NCAA I teams by Sport:

Schools do not publicly report scholarship averages by sport. However we independently conducted a survey of NCAA I public schools in 2016 to get some of this data. The following tables summarize the average athletic scholarship and the average number of awards by team. Additionally the tables report the low and high range of scholarships awarded by responding schools:

Athletics Scholarships
NCAA I Men's teams:
Team Avr
Team Avr
  Avr #
Baseball11.7 $       13,220  $         6,298    $       25,934 26 14 30
Basketball13 $       38,246  $       26,896  $       53,075 13 11 15
Football - FBS85 $       36,070  $       25,237  $       42,443 88 82 95
Football - FCS63 $       20,706  $       14,474  $       30,505 81 72 85
Golf4.5 $       12,066  $         4,050  $       24,018 10 6 16
Gymnastics6.3 $       18,190  $       12,882  $       31,573 16 14 19
Ice Hockey18 $       31,756  $       19,934  $       35,986 22 16 25
Lacrosse12.6 $       12,303  $         8,078  $       17,483 36 29 43
Skiing6.3 $       20,275  $       15,478  $       24,636 11 10 11
Soccer9.9 $       15,008  $         5,809  $       31,062 21 12 30
Swimming & Diving9.9 $       16,695  $         3,112  $       28,651 22 12 36
Tennis4.5 $       18,379  $         6,104  $       42,373 9 6 13
Track/Cross Country12.6 $       11,260  $         2,957  $       24,059 29 9 59
Wrestling9.9 $       12,551  $         5,249  $       33,596 23 14 31

Team scholarship limits are set by the NCAA. Why do most team averages of scholarships awarded exceed the NCAA limit per team? This is because most sports are equivalency sports so partial awards can be made as long as the total equivalent awards don’t exceed the NCAA team limit. For example a school can award 9 male tennis players each a 1/2 equivalent scholarship and not exceed the NCAA maximum of 4.5 per team.

Men’s Basketball and FBS football are headcount sports so the number of players under scholarship cannot exceed the NCAA limit per team with a few exceptions. Headcount sports teams tend to award substantially more full scholarships than equivalency sports teams. Here are our survey results for Women’s sports:

Athletic Scholarships
NCAA I Women's teams: 
Team Avr
Team Avr
  Avr #
Basketball15 $       36,758 $       21,955 $       53,185141016
Equestrian15 $       10,462 $         5,677 $       17,196413647
Field Hockey12 $       18,331 $       10,325 $       30,012201724
Golf6 $       21,866 $         8,870 $       39,1008610
Gymnastics12 $       40,172 $       23,482 $       63,337141216
Ice Hockey18 $       41,693 $       41,208 $       42,179202020
Lacrosse12 $       12,884 $         3,394 $       22,842312338
Rowing20 $       21,053 $       11,507 $       31,771391951
Skiing7 $       19,084 $       15,337 $       23,855121114
Soccer14 $       17,766 $         6,220 $       31,363251733
Softball12 $       20,715 $         7,281 $       47,624191324
Swimming & Diving14 $       18,794 $         4,552 $       34,85025835
Tennis8 $       32,630 $       13,457 $       58,7358710
Track/Cross Country18 $       14,574 $         2,938 $       26,308321661
Volleyball12 $       31,138 $       12,837 $       63,281131116

Women’s Basketball, Gymnastics, Tennis and Volleyball are all headcount sports and award a higher percentage of full scholarships.  All other women’s NCAA I sports are equivalency sports and award a much higher percentage of partial scholarships.

For both Men’s and Women’s sports, the NCAA limits are maximums – schools can elect to fully fund a sport, partially fund or award no athletic scholarships (e.g. Ivy League Schools). The results show there are significant differences between NCAA I schools in the number and dollar amount of athletic scholarships they award even for teams competing in the same sport.

College Sports with most participating athletes:
Sport# of
Track & Field1,33172,66736,56636,101
Cross Country1,61538,19518,65419,541
Ice Hockey1566,9664,3802,586
Field Hockey2846,2486,248
Water Polo1223,7021,7411,961
Beach Volleyball1482,32772,320
All Other Sports5,6662,5383,128

Football has the most athletes participating due to the large roster sizes (average is over 100 players per team). Basketball has the most schools participating – almost every college with a varsity sports program sponsors basketball. Total participants above include multi-sport athletes.

Total Athletic Scholarships Available – NCAA & NAIA Teams:
Totals NCAA D1/D2, and NAIA:Total Available
Available - Men
Available - Women
D1/D2 & NAIA
Total Athletes
D1/D2 & NAIA
Male Athletes
D1/D2 & NAIA
Female Athletes
Track & Cross Country29,34112,72116,62069,96633,49236,474
Ice Hockey1,9491,1937562,9701,9541,016
Field Hockey1,1571,1572,6182,618
Water Polo5501583921,8628291,033
Beach Volleyball4524521,3521,352

Available scholarship totals are maximums. Schools can fully fund, partially fund, or not provide any athletic scholarships. The majority of  NCAA I teams are fully funded, but there are MANY exceptions including Ivy League schools which do not award athletic scholarships in any sport. Most NCAA II sports are not fully funded, and most scholarships awarded in all sports are partial awards. Full scholarships are rare except for NCAA I headcount sports.

Average Athletic Scholarship by School:

The table below reports the average athletic scholarship awarded by NCAA I, NCAA II & NAIA schools.  The average scholarship reported is the average per athlete for ALL varsity sports sponsored by the school.  Some athletes receive full awards, some receive partial and many receive none. Additionally some sports within a school may be fully funded, some partially and some sports provide no athletically based student aid.  Average scholarship awards for all schools can be accessed on our individual sports pages.

NCAA SchoolCity / Main CampusStateDivisionAvr Men's
Avr Women's
University of Alaska FairbanksFairbanksAKNCAA II 15,34012,499
University of Alaska AnchorageAnchorageAKNCAA II 20,13018,374
Auburn University at MontgomeryMontgomeryALNCAA II 10,00314,351
Alabama State UniversityMontgomeryALNCAA  I11,18412,629
Tuskegee UniversityTuskegeeALNCAA II 377806
University of MontevalloMontevalloALNCAA II 5,8669,144
Samford UniversityBirminghamALNCAA  I22,69227,671
Spring Hill CollegeMobileALNCAA II 8,58910,593
University of South AlabamaMobileALNCAA  I18,81620,960
Alabama A & M UniversityNormalALNCAA  I11,73312,623
Auburn UniversityAuburnALNCAA  I32,98632,247
Faulkner UniversityMontgomeryALNAIA 8,91310,467
Stillman CollegeTuscaloosaALNAIA 2,7054,164
Jacksonville State UniversityJacksonvilleALNCAA  I13,09013,237
Miles CollegeFairfieldALNCAA II 6,2825,303
University of North AlabamaFlorenceALNCAA I12,73013,121
University of AlabamaTuscaloosaALNCAA  I31,25422,630
Talladega CollegeTalladegaALNAIA 3,3333,818
Troy UniversityTroyALNCAA  I14,26615,949
University of Alabama at BirminghamBirminghamALNCAA  I18,85019,913
University of Alabama in
HuntsvilleALNCAA II 7,3848,709
University of MobileMobileALNAIA 17,18518,260
University of West AlabamaLivingstonALNCAA II 8,13910,890
Arkansas Tech UniversityRussellvilleARNCAA II 5,4367,875
Harding UniversitySearcyARNCAA II 7,1558,358
Henderson State UniversityArkadelphiaARNCAA II 3,9326,149
John Brown UniversitySiloam SpringsARNAIA 11,59113,771
University of Arkansas at Little RockLittle RockARNCAA  I 16,57321,517
University of ArkansasFayettevilleARNCAA  I24,71325,289
Arkansas State UniversityJonesboroARNCAA  I14,91914,559
Central Baptist CollegeConwayARNAIA 4,7556,070
Crowley's Ridge CollegeParagouldARNAIA 2,7872,915
Lyon CollegeBatesvilleARNAIA 17,59717,518
Southern Arkansas
MagnoliaARNCAA II 4,1974,992
Ouachita Baptist UniversityArkadelphiaARNCAA II 8,0335,744
Philander Smith CollegeLittle RockARNAIA 4,1913,628
University of Arkansas-Fort
Fort SmithARNCAA II 6,60110,550
University of Arkansas at MonticelloMonticelloARNCAA II 4,4796,815
University of Arkansas
at Pine Bluff
Pine BluffARNCAA  I9,9979,711
University of Central ArkansasConwayARNCAA  I10,77710,932
Williams Baptist CollegeWalnut RidgeARNAIA 8,2377,811
Arizona Christian UniversityPhoenixAZNAIA 12,69913,298
University of ArizonaTucsonAZNCAA  I30,01033,312
Benedictine University - MesaMesaAZNAIA 5,7496,205
Grand Canyon UniversityPhoenixAZNCAA  I 10,15714,947
Park University -
GilbertAZNAIA 5,5806,570
Northern Arizona UniversityFlagstaffAZNCAA  I16,03116,729
Arizona State UniversityTempeAZNCAA  I25,17119,937
Ottawa University - ArizonaSurpriseAZNAIA 14,19913,437
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical
PrescottAZNAIA 10,80311,888
Azusa Pacific UniversityAzusaCANCAA II 12,16214,916
Biola UniversityLa MiradaCANCAA II9,84012,219
Simpson UniversityReddingCANAIA 9,30010,839
Westmont CollegeSanta BarbaraCANAIA 7,4689,068
Cal Poly - PomonaPomonaCANCAA II 4,2124,801
Dominican University of
San RafaelCANCAA II 7,3855,959
Holy Names UniversityOaklandCANCAA II 9,80911,662
Cal State - Los AngelesLos AngelesCANCAA II 4,7916,032
University of California-IrvineIrvineCANCAA  I 12,59412,583
University of
California-Santa Barbara
Santa BarbaraCANCAA  I 10,62214,228
University of Southern CaliforniaLos AngelesCANCAA  I32,87233,366
Academy of Art UniversitySan FranciscoCANCAA II 17,98721,952
University of California-BerkeleyBerkeleyCANCAA  I13,57712,778
California Baptist UniversityRiversideCANCAA I19,49525,381
Chico State (CSU)ChicoCANCAA II 2,2752,230
California Maritime AcademyVallejoCANAIA 184530
Cal State - San BernardinoSan BernardinoCANCAA II 4,1993,845
Cal State - San MarcosSan MarcosCANCAA II 2,9833,000
Concordia University-IrvineIrvineCANCAA II8,1477,805
Cal State - East BayHaywardCANCAA II 3,8584,744
Fresno Pacific UniversityFresnoCANCAA II 9,28811,030
Cal State
FullertonCANCAA  I 8,90712,652
San Diego State UniversitySan DiegoCANCAA  I20,83514,496
Fresno State FresnoCANCAA  I15,86616,117
University of
RiversideCANCAA  I 14,25617,124
Cal State - NorthridgeNorthridgeCANCAA  I 8,80710,075
Cal State - BakersfieldBakersfieldCANCAA  I 8,4139,150
Stanford UniversityPalo AltoCANCAA  I31,34730,370
Cal State - Dominguez HillsCarsonCANCAA II 3,4223,814
Hope International UniversityFullertonCANAIA 19,00522,432
Sacramento State SacramentoCANCAA  I11,13111,189
Humboldt State UniversityArcataCANCAA II 2,0971,771
William Jessup UniversityRocklinCANAIA 11,27611,797
Loyola Marymount
Los AngelesCANCAA  I 21,30127,105
Long Beach State Long BeachCANCAA  I 6,5199,161
Life Pacific CollegeSan DimasCANAIA 4,8014,753
La Sierra UniversityRiversideCANAIA 1,8962,022
Master's UniversitySanta ClaritaCANAIA 10,33010,554
Menlo CollegeAthertonCANAIA 27,08125,712
Cal State - Monterey BaySeasideCANCAA II 2,4942,435
University of the
StocktonCANCAA  I 16,87628,301
Pepperdine UniversityMalibuCANCAA  I 26,22332,046
Pacific Union CollegeAngwinCANAIA 3,3333,750
Point Loma Nazarene UniversitySan DiegoCANCAA II 13,40513,831
Santa Clara
Santa ClaraCANCAA  I 17,27819,456
San Diego Christian CollegeSanteeCANAIA 17,42416,348
San Francisco State UniversitySan FranciscoCANCAA II 2,8953,576
San Jose State UniversitySan JoseCANCAA  I15,75415,767
Saint Mary's College MoragaCANCAA  I 26,10721,906
Sonoma State UniversityRohnert ParkCANCAA II 2,6743,179
University of Antelope ValleyLancasterCANAIA 7,6718,134
University of California-Los
Los AngelesCANCAA  I25,20520,646
University of
MercedCANAIA 340414
University of California-San DiegoLa JollaCANCAA II 2,6772,353
University of San DiegoSan DiegoCANCAA  I11,91122,755
University of San FranciscoSan FranciscoCANCAA  I 31,46637,569
Vanguard University  Costa MesaCANAIA 7,0867,824
Stanislaus State
TurlockCANCAA II 2,1192,883
Notre Dame de Namur UniversityBelmontCANCAA II 8,0156,935
University of California-DavisDavisCANCAA  I15,23813,544
University of Saint KatherineMarcosCANAIA 7,8068,365
Cal Poly - San Luis
San Luis ObispoCANCAA  I9,56011,709
Colorado State UniversityFort CollinsCONCAA  I26,01024,504
Colorado School of MinesGoldenCONCAA II 9,17010,040
Regis UniversityDenverCONCAA II 10,89414,082
Metropolitan State Univ of
DenverCONCAA II 5,5367,498
University of Northern ColoradoGreeleyCONCAA  I12,45712,871
Adams State UniversityAlamosaCONCAA II 3,4204,304
Colorado Christian UniversityLakewoodCONCAA II 4,5986,189
Colorado Mesa UniversityGrand JunctionCONCAA II 3,5234,607
University of Colorado BoulderCONCAA  I35,22728,939
University of DenverDenverCONCAA  I 30,32541,091
U.S. Air Force AcademyColorado SpringsCONCAA  I
Western Colorado UniversityGunnisonCONCAA II 4,8153,571
Fort Lewis CollegeDurangoCONCAA II 7,8296,161
Colorado State
PuebloCONCAA II 4,5566,312
Univ of Colorado -
Colorado Springs
Colorado SpringsCONCAA II 5,5066,760
University of New HavenWest HavenCTNCAA II 9,2749,332
Connecticut State Univ
New BritainCTNCAA  I11,60615,004
Fairfield UniversityFairfieldCTNCAA  I 14,41415,570
University of HartfordWest HartfordCTNCAA  I 16,09927,504
Post UniversityWaterburyCTNCAA II 5,6496,892
Quinnipiac UniversityHamdenCTNCAA  I 27,16129,256
Sacred Heart
FairfieldCTNCAA  I13,52512,026
Southern Connecticut State UnivNew HavenCTNCAA II 3,5033,670
University of
BridgeportCTNCAA II 15,78018,733
University of ConnecticutStorrsCTNCAA  I29,05626,662
Yale UniversityNew HavenCTNCAA  I  
American UniversityWashingtonDCNCAA  I 20,92223,510
Georgetown UniversityWashingtonDCNCAA  I12,04016,502
George Washington UniversityWashingtonDCNCAA  I 20,74927,570
Howard UniversityWashingtonDCNCAA  I18,67317,073
Univ of the District
of Columbia
WashingtonDCNCAA II 12,44618,577
Wilmington UniversityNew CastleDENCAA II 3,6175,483
University of DelawareNewarkDENCAA  I22,75319,758
Delaware State UniversityDoverDENCAA  I11,93512,000
Goldey-Beacom CollegeWilmingtonDENCAA II 3,3394,350
Bethune-Cookman UniversityDaytona BeachFLNCAA  I16,84612,571
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UnivDaytona BeachFLNCAA II 9,67013,872
Southeastern UniversityLakelandFLNAIA 7,3528,068
University of FloridaGainesvilleFLNCAA  I21,32024,950
Florida Institute of TechnologyMelbourneFLNCAA II 11,81112,408
Florida Memorial UniversityMiami GardensFLNAIA 4,0126,782
Florida Southern CollegeLakelandFLNCAA II 11,40012,116
University of West FloridaPensacolaFLNCAA II 6,7489,068
Barry UniversityMiamiFLNCAA II 11,85217,096
Stetson UniversityDeLandFLNCAA  I11,54419,075
University of MiamiCoral GablesFLNCAA  I53,66735,775
Keiser UniversityFort LauderdaleFLNAIA 8,46913,862
Johnson &
Wales University
North MiamiFLNAIA 1,4161,888
Saint Leo UniversitySaint LeoFLNCAA II 8,67910,032
Florida State UniversityTallahasseeFLNCAA  I22,69120,258
St Thomas UniversityMiami GardensFLNAIA 9,35511,009
University of TampaTampaFLNCAA II 7,8098,663
University of Central FloridaOrlandoFLNCAA  I19,47017,666
Webber International UniversityBabson ParkFLNAIA 8,3586,642
Ave Maria UniversityAve MariaFLNAIA 6,4344,484
Eckerd CollegeSaint PetersburgFLNCAA II 12,14221,606
Edward Waters CollegeJacksonvilleFLNAIA 4,1085,226
Florida A & M UniversityTallahasseeFLNCAA  I11,19416,550
Florida Atlantic UniversityBoca RatonFLNCAA  I11,64213,257
Florida Gulf Coast UniversityFort MyersFLNCAA  I 11,10114,952
Florida International UniversityMiamiFLNCAA  I15,44913,711
Flagler CollegeSaint AugustineFLNCAA II 8,12413,232
University of South FloridaTampaFLNCAA  I16,97411,828
JacksonvilleFLNCAA  I9,66718,302
Boca RatonFLNCAA II 10,84012,300
Nova Southeastern UniversityFort LauderdaleFLNCAA II 12,53915,330
Palm Beach Atlantic UniversityWest Palm BeachFLNCAA II 7,9929,486
Rollins CollegeWinter ParkFLNCAA II 9,01811,559
University of North FloridaJacksonvilleFLNCAA  I 10,2879,072
Warner UniversityLake WalesFLNAIA 10,02310,977
Florida CollegeTemple TerraceFLNAIA 4,7564,426
Florida National UniversityHialeahFLNAIA 2,9387,072
Morehouse CollegeAtlantaGANCAA II
Clark Atlanta UniversityAtlantaGANCAA II 10,5428,771
Dalton State CollegeDaltonGANAIA 3,7972,859
University of GeorgiaAthensGANCAA  I19,61621,090
Shorter UniversityRomeGANCAA II 6,88912,604
Georgia Southern UniversityStatesboroGANCAA  I16,74916,661
Life UniversityMariettaGANAIA 6,0394,968
Mercer UniversityMaconGANCAA  I21,59221,825
Truett-McConnell CollegeClevelandGANAIA 7,3165,420
University of North GeorgiaDahlonegaGANCAA II 7,6086,381
Albany State
AlbanyGANCAA II 3,6702,744
Augusta UniversityAugustaGANCAA II 9,10111,331
Brenau UniversityGainesvilleGANAIA  11,699
State University
MorrowGANCAA II 7,85110,695
College of Coastal
BrunswickGANAIA 4,3893,772
Columbus State UniversityColumbusGANCAA II 7,0409,638
Fort Valley State UniversityFort ValleyGANCAA II 5581,371
Georgia College MilledgevilleGANCAA II 3,1533,911
Georgia State UniversityAtlantaGANCAA  I18,98222,376
Brewton-Parker CollegeMount VernonGANAIA 12,23111,022
Emmanuel CollegeFranklin SpringsGANCAA II 5,7239,206
Georgia Southwestern
State Univ
AmericusGANCAA II 3,5784,228
Kennesaw State UniversityKennesawGANCAA  I14,78415,264
Middle Georgia State UniversityMaconGANAIA 4,5656,872
Paine CollegeAugustaGANCAA II 6,8918,311
Point UniversityWest PointGANAIA 9,4689,691
Georgia Institute of TechnologyAtlantaGANCAA  I27,61225,131
Savannah State UniversitySavannahGANCAA  I7,0816,179
University of West GeorgiaCarrolltonGANCAA II 6,1387,088
Valdosta State UniversityValdostaGANCAA II 4,5278,973
Young Harris CollegeYoung HarrisGANCAA II 7,97711,345
Thomas UniversityThomasvilleGANAIA 8,3518,593
WaleskaGANAIA 9,5659,481
University of Hawaii at
HonoluluHINCAA  I22,67521,842
University of Hawaii at HiloHiloHINCAA II 7,8428,839
Chaminade University HonoluluHINCAA II 8,5837,986
Hawaii Pacific UniversityHonoluluHINCAA II 13,24615,234
Drake UniversityDes MoinesIANCAA  I7,67117,817
University of IowaIowa CityIANCAA  I19,96818,711
Northwestern CollegeOrange CityIANAIA 6,1106,173
Upper Iowa UniversityFayetteIANCAA II 7,32411,772
Briar Cliff UniversitySioux CityIANAIA 9,7828,659
Clarke UniversityDubuqueIANAIA 6,5555,484
Iowa State UniversityAmesIANCAA  I20,61221,624
Graceland UniversityLamoniIANAIA 5,5554,787
Grand View UniversityDes MoinesIANAIA 7,2624,684
Mount Mercy UniversityCedar RapidsIANAIA 4,5093,889
Saint Ambrose UniversityDavenportIANAIA 4,1542,980
William Penn UniversityOskaloosaIANAIA 16,29714,307
University of Northern IowaCedar FallsIANCAA  I10,8479,364
Waldorf UniversityForest CityIANAIA 9,48410,830
Dordt CollegeSioux CenterIANAIA 7,0476,286
Morningside CollegeSioux CityIANAIA 5,1634,928
Lewis-Clark State CollegeLewistonIDNAIA 8,43112,296
Boise State UniversityBoiseIDNCAA  I24,03518,755
University of IdahoMoscowIDNCAA  I20,33919,161
Idaho State UniversityPocatelloIDNCAA  I15,08915,157
Northwest Nazarene UniversityNampaIDNCAA II 9,1309,160
College of IdahoCaldwellIDNAIA 4,2335,498
Trinity Christian CollegePalos HeightsILNAIA 10,2134,373
Bradley UniversityPeoriaILNCAA  I 18,72225,671
Western Illinois UniversityMacombILNCAA  I8,61910,675
Illinois State UniversityNormalILNCAA  I16,06416,166
Lindenwood University - BellevilleBellevilleILNAIA 3,8614,572
Loyola University ChicagoChicagoILNCAA  I 20,61329,592
McKendree UniversityLebanonILNCAA II 5,7246,250
Northern Illinois UniversityDekalbILNCAA  I17,66018,848
Quincy UniversityQuincyILNCAA II 6,8988,757
Trinity International UniversityDeerfieldILNAIA 11,49111,481
DePaul UniversityChicagoILNCAA  I 23,97136,846
Eastern Illinois
CharlestonILNCAA  I7,5919,074
University of Illinois ChampaignILNCAA  I25,72427,117
Chicago State UniversityChicagoILNCAA  I 15,73619,440
University of St FrancisJolietILNAIA 9,9149,288
Governors State UniversityUniversity ParkILNAIA 4,3054,964
Judson UniversityElginILNAIA 9,5058,221
Lincoln Christian UniversityLincolnILNAIA 2,1292,395
Lewis UniversityRomeovilleILNCAA II 9,72312,128
Northwestern UniversityEvanstonILNCAA  I44,00236,951
Olivet Nazarene UniversityBourbonnaisILNAIA 11,3088,216
Robert Morris University IllinoisChicagoILNAIA 12,16012,982
Roosevelt UniversityChicagoILNAIA 2,8632,466
Southern Illinois
Univ- Edwardsville
EdwardsvilleILNCAA  I 10,85913,011
Southern Illinois
CarbondaleILNCAA  I16,35013,707
Saint Xavier UniversityChicagoILNAIA 9,6878,850
University of Illinois at ChicagoChicagoILNCAA  I 11,12118,574
University of Illinois at
SpringfieldILNCAA II 6,2557,774
Lincoln CollegeLincolnILNAIA 6,0916,525
Taylor UniversityUplandINNAIA 6,8695,800
University of IndianapolisIndianapolisINNCAA II 10,32815,733
Ball State UniversityMuncieINNCAA  I17,71518,021
Butler UniversityIndianapolisINNCAA  I11,51512,636
Grace CollegeWinona LakeINNAIA 4,9645,200
University of EvansvilleEvansvilleINNCAA  I 15,04219,643
Indiana State UniversityTerre HauteINNCAA  I13,84411,306
Indiana Institute of
Fort WayneINNAIA 7,8719,721
Indiana UniversityBloomingtonINNCAA  I24,49421,347
Bethel CollegeMishawakaINNAIA 5,8753,764
Calumet College of Saint JosephWhitingINNAIA 11,20710,445
Goshen CollegeGoshenINNAIA 6,8867,705
Indiana-Purdue Univ- Fort WayneFort WayneINNCAA  I 10,56910,634
University of Southern IndianaEvansvilleINNCAA II 4,7725,147
Holy Cross CollegeNotre DameINNAIA 7,6617,727
Indiana University-EastRichmondINNAIA 5,3455,793
Indiana University-KokomoKokomoINNAIA 3,5074,150
GaryINNAIA 1,9221,975
Indiana-Purdue Univ- IndianapolisIndianapolisINNCAA  I 9,59512,980
Indiana University-SoutheastNew AlbanyINNAIA 1,2501,517
Indiana University-South BendSouth BendINNAIA 1,0821,986
Indiana Wesleyan UniversityMarionINNAIA 6,7516,814
Marian UniversityIndianapolisINNAIA 12,74810,759
Purdue UniversityWest LafayetteINNCAA  I23,67722,909
University of Saint
Fort WayneINNAIA 19,24919,054
University of Notre DameNotre DameINNCAA  I34,32735,108
Valparaiso UniversityValparaisoINNCAA  I9,02918,531
Oakland City UniversityOakland CityINNCAA II 7,2167,986
Purdue University NorthwestWestvilleINNCAA II 3,4684,432
Huntington UniversityHuntingtonINNAIA 5,6655,256
Wichita State UniversityWichitaKSNCAA  I 10,55416,185
Bethany CollegeLindsborgKSNAIA 22,22223,863
Bethel CollegeNorth NewtonKSNAIA 6,6235,325
Southwestern CollegeWinfieldKSNAIA 7,9816,355
Central Christian College of KansasMcPhersonKSNAIA 7,4978,271
Emporia State UniversityEmporiaKSNCAA II 4,3414,390
Fort Hays State UniversityHaysKSNCAA II 4,6125,728
Friends UniversityWichitaKSNAIA 5,3054,463
University of Saint MaryLeavenworthKSNAIA 4,4523,507
Haskell Indian Nations
Kansas State UniversityManhattanKSNCAA  I21,72217,275
University of KansasLawrenceKSNCAA  I26,65721,857
Kansas Wesleyan UniversitySalinaKSNAIA 5,8424,541
McPherson CollegeMcPhersonKSNAIA 7,2245,389
MidAmerica Nazarene UniversityOlatheKSNAIA 10,78711,919
Newman UniversityWichitaKSNCAA II 12,50015,230
Ottawa UniversityOttawaKSNAIA 11,53911,634
Pittsburg State UniversityPittsburgKSNCAA II 5,5525,502
Benedictine CollegeAtchisonKSNAIA 9,0927,071
Sterling CollegeSterlingKSNAIA 8,7096,105
Tabor CollegeHillsboroKSNAIA 9,2605,800
Washburn UniversityTopekaKSNCAA II 5,3327,206
Baker UniversityBaldwin CityKSNAIA 20,36322,218
Bellarmine UniversityLouisvilleKYNCAA II 8,4288,682
Campbellsville UniversityCampbellsvilleKYNAIA 10,01210,160
University of the CumberlandsWilliamsburgKYNAIA 8,2596,341
University of PikevillePikevilleKYNAIA 5,3484,679
Alice Lloyd CollegePippa PassesKYNAIA 2,2051,545
Asbury UniversityWilmoreKYNAIA 8,6937,966
Brescia UniversityOwensboroKYNAIA 13,90315,275
Eastern Kentucky UniversityRichmondKYNCAA  I15,80018,988
Georgetown CollegeGeorgetownKYNAIA 12,6828,334
University of LouisvilleLouisvilleKYNCAA  I24,18424,131
Midway UniversityMidwayKYNAIA 5,3523,467
Murray State UniversityMurrayKYNCAA  I17,93615,009
Union CollegeBarbourvilleKYNAIA 11,19511,474
Kentucky Christian UniversityGraysonKYNAIA 4,5182,714
Kentucky State UniversityFrankfortKYNCAA II 3,2349,343
Kentucky Wesleyan CollegeOwensboroKYNCAA II 6,9377,785
Lindsey Wilson CollegeColumbiaKYNAIA 7,9679,440
Morehead State UniversityMoreheadKYNCAA  I5,07414,745
Northern Kentucky UniversityHighland HeightsKYNCAA  I 10,34415,886
Thomas More CollegeCrestview HillsKYNAIA   
University of KentuckyLexingtonKYNCAA  I27,18528,001
Western Kentucky UniversityBowling GreenKYNCAA  I15,30117,699
McNeese State UniversityLake CharlesLANCAA  I9,20811,428
Tulane University New OrleansLANCAA  I39,23439,985
Dillard UniversityNew OrleansLANAIA 12,71114,209
Nicholls State UniversityThibodauxLANCAA  I8,0069,354
Southern University Baton RougeLANCAA  I10,43712,424
Grambling State UniversityGramblingLANCAA  I11,02611,922
Louisiana Tech
RustonLANCAA  I17,72515,767
Southeastern Louisiana UniversityHammondLANCAA  I11,81712,781
Loyola University New OrleansNew OrleansLANAIA 10,08511,153

Louisiana State Univ- Alexandria
AlexandriaLANAIA 2,0413,169
Louisiana State Univ- ShreveportShreveportLANAIA 3,0464,637
Louisiana State University Baton RougeLANCAA  I35,51932,899
Northwestern State University NatchitochesLANCAA  I11,79014,918
University of Louisiana at
LafayetteLANCAA  I17,32318,436
Southern University at New
New OrleansLANAIA 7,6446,652
University of Louisiana at MonroeMonroeLANCAA  I14,47215,760
University of New OrleansNew OrleansLANCAA  I 8,91110,451
Xavier University of LouisianaNew OrleansLANAIA 16,26416,294
Boston CollegeChestnut HillMANCAA  I31,15427,228
Bentley UniversityWalthamMANCAA II 7,3907,909
Fisher CollegeBostonMANAIA   
Univ of Massachusetts-LowellLowellMANCAA  I 15,45820,204
Merrimack CollegeNorth AndoverMANCAA I16,83917,048
University of MassachusettsAmherstMANCAA  I19,47518,233
American International
SpringfieldMANCAA II 10,1509,166
WorcesterMANCAA II 4,5104,952
Harvard UniversityCambridgeMANCAA  I 
Holy CrossWorcesterMANCAA  I16,82716,235
Northeastern UniversityBostonMANCAA  I 32,25634,441
Boston UniversityBostonMANCAA  I 27,40029,158
EastonMANCAA II 6,6896,158
Coppin State UniversityBaltimoreMDNCAA  I 8,96610,048
Mount St Mary's
EmmitsburgMDNCAA  I 9,73111,303
Bowie State UniversityBowieMDNCAA II 4,1145,485
University of Maryland
Eastern Shore
Princess AnneMDNCAA  I 9,57714,468
Loyola University MarylandBaltimoreMDNCAA  I 14,73217,211
Morgan State UniversityBaltimoreMDNCAA  I15,23217,621
U.S. Naval AcademyAnnapolisMDNCAA  I
Towson UniversityTowsonMDNCAA  I16,24215,620
University of
Maryland- Baltimore Cty
BaltimoreMDNCAA  I 5,5688,365
University of MarylandCollege ParkMDNCAA  I32,05934,199
Washington Adventist UniversityTakoma ParkMDNAIA 5,8006,107
University of MaineOronoMENCAA  I15,15415,398
University of
DearbornMINAIA 2,1292,207
Cornerstone UniversityGrand RapidsMINAIA 6,0365,756
Davenport UniversityGrand RapidsMINCAA II6,2939,780
Grand Valley State UniversityAllendaleMINCAA II 7,8398,622
Aquinas CollegeGrand RapidsMINAIA 6,5856,199
Central Michigan UniversityMount PleasantMINCAA  I16,74118,914
Concordia University-Ann
Ann ArborMINAIA 5,2343,690
University of Detroit
DetroitMINCAA  I 14,03019,141
Eastern Michigan UniversityYpsilantiMINCAA  I21,07516,495
Ferris State
Big RapidsMINCAA II 7,2267,833
Rochester HillsMINCAA  I 11,03013,870
Northwood UniversityMidlandMINCAA II 8,24412,471
HillsdaleMINCAA II
Lake Superior State
Sault Ste MarieMINCAA II 7,7757,024
Madonna UniversityLivoniaMINAIA 8,3245,838
University of MichiganAnn ArborMINCAA  I30,57326,088
Technological University
HoughtonMINCAA II 10,99413,950
Michigan State UniversityEast LansingMINCAA  I25,03321,721
Northern Michigan
MarquetteMINCAA II 10,0509,781
Rochester CollegeRochester HillsMINAIA 12,8279,752
Spring Arbor UniversitySpring ArborMINAIA 7,3808,287
Siena Heights
AdrianMINAIA 7,9745,833
Saginaw Valley
State University
University CenterMINCAA II 4,9315,112
Western Michigan UniversityKalamazooMINCAA  I23,12619,560
Wayne State UniversityDetroitMINCAA II 9,38512,040
Technological University
SouthfieldMINAIA 9,25711,352
Concordia University-Saint PaulSaint PaulMNNCAA II 5,0418,250
University of Minnesota-DuluthDuluthMNNCAA II 5,1906,390
Bemidji State UniversityBemidjiMNNCAA II 3,9324,278
University of
CrookstonMNNCAA II 5,0734,954
University of MinnesotaMinneapolisMNNCAA  I21,36818,228
Minnesota State
MankatoMNNCAA II 4,9465,240
Minnesota State University
MoorheadMNNCAA II 4,0043,752
Saint Cloud State UniversitySaint CloudMNNCAA II 4,9385,668
Southwest Minnesota State UnivMarshallMNNCAA II 2,9453,790
Winona State UniversityWinonaMNNCAA II 4,9574,794
Northwest Missouri State UnivMaryvilleMONCAA II 6,4438,810
College of the OzarksPoint LookoutMONAIA 2,3863,700
Columbia CollegeColumbiaMONAIA 10,81516,306
Missouri Western State UniversitySaint JosephMONCAA II 5,8307,782
William Jewell CollegeLibertyMONCAA II 11,49611,573
Missouri State UniversitySpringfieldMONCAA  I12,33611,075
Truman State UniversityKirksvilleMONCAA II 3,6034,068
Avila UniversityKansas CityMONAIA 7,5017,410
Central Methodist UniversityFayetteMONAIA 5,7384,168
Culver-Stockton CollegeCantonMONAIA   
Drury UniversitySpringfieldMONCAA II 8,70513,089
St Louis College of PharmacySaint LouisMONAIA 9,2029,885
SpringfieldMONAIA 11,2517,876
Southeast Missouri State
Cape GirardeauMONCAA  I9,6298,887
Hannibal-LaGrange UniversityHannibalMONAIA 6,9305,659
Harris-Stowe State UniversitySaint LouisMONAIA 2,0382,632
Lindenwood UniversitySaint CharlesMONCAA II 3,8614,572
Lincoln UniversityJefferson CityMONCAA II 6,9817,452
Maryville University of Saint
Saint LouisMONCAA II 8,5129,537
Missouri Univ of Science &
RollaMONCAA II 8,26410,732
Missouri Southern State UniversityJoplinMONCAA II 5,4215,571
Park University ParkvilleMONAIA 5,5806,570
Southwest Baptist UniversityBolivarMONCAA II 8,11810,548
Saint Louis UniversitySaint LouisMONCAA  I 15,60520,092
Stephens CollegeColumbia MONAIA  
University of Central MissouriWarrensburgMONCAA II 5,3687,777
University of Missouri-Kansas
Kansas CityMONCAA  I 16,63417,119
University of Missouri-St LouisSaint LouisMONCAA II 8,77014,552
Missouri Valley CollegeMarshallMONAIA 8,67710,713
William Woods UniversityFultonMONAIA 11,84211,786
Missouri Baptist UniversitySaint LouisMONAIA 14,33012,575
University of MissouriColumbiaMONCAA  I23,58725,807
Rockhurst UniversityKansas CityMONCAA II 6,0369,556
Cottey CollegeNevadaMONAIA   
Jackson State UniversityJacksonMSNCAA  I8,0178,763
Mississippi State UniversityMississippi StateMSNCAA  I24,38928,534
Mississippi Valley State UniversityItta BenaMSNCAA  I3,5234,969
Alcorn State UniversityAlcorn StateMSNCAA  I7,5548,584
Blue Mountain CollegeBlue MountainMSNAIA 8,1669,354
William Carey UniversityHattiesburgMSNAIA 6,9847,847
Mississippi CollegeClintonMSNCAA II 8,26610,672
Delta State UniversityClevelandMSNCAA II 3,8593,811
University of MississippiUniversityMSNCAA  I25,51225,320
University of Southern
HattiesburgMSNCAA  I15,79414,530
Tougaloo CollegeTougalooMSNAIA 3,1404,138
Holly SpringsMSNAIA 1,2641,158
Carroll CollegeHelenaMTNAIA 8,9869,199
University of Montana-WesternDillonMTNAIA 4,0724,637
University of ProvidenceGreat FallsMTNAIA 16,05915,984
Montana Tech ButteMTNAIA 4,7307,173
University of MontanaMissoulaMTNCAA  I15,57616,679
Montana State UniversityBozemanMTNCAA  I16,11816,309
Montana State University-BillingsBillingsMTNCAA II 6,4727,043
Rocky Mountain CollegeBillingsMTNAIA 9,25413,240
Montana State University-NorthernHavreMTNAIA 3,7722,006
Appalachian State
BooneNCNCAA  I14,73911,399
Barton CollegeWilsonNCNCAA II 7,2518,703
East Carolina UniversityGreenvilleNCNCAA  I20,10116,574
Campbell UniversityBuies CreekNCNCAA  I19,02324,898
Catawba CollegeSalisburyNCNCAA II 8,8509,615
University of North Carolina Chapel HillNCNCAA  I19,89019,551
North Carolina State University RaleighNCNCAA  I22,57625,451
Lenoir-Rhyne UniversityHickoryNCNCAA II 8,57612,547
Mars Hill UniversityMars HillNCNCAA II 5,7866,934
Univ of North Carolina at AshevilleAshevilleNCNCAA  I 9,00910,912
Univ of North Carolina at PembrokePembrokeNCNCAA II 3,4124,234
Wingate UniversityWingateNCNCAA II 7,65312,623
Belmont Abbey
BelmontNCNCAA II 3,1723,577
Livingstone CollegeSalisburyNCNCAA II 5,8204,165
Carolina University
CullowheeNCNCAA  I8,5507,945
Univ of North Carolina at
CharlotteNCNCAA  I16,53517,737
Davidson CollegeDavidsonNCNCAA  I8,84311,316
Elizabeth City State UniversityElizabeth CityNCNCAA II 9471,923
Elon UniversityElonNCNCAA  I25,84822,253
Fayetteville State UniversityFayettevilleNCNCAA II 5,2757,104
Chowan UniversityMurfreesboroNCNCAA II 5,7137,258
Duke UniversityDurhamNCNCAA  I32,38441,803
Johnson C. Smith
CharlotteNCNCAA II 9,16110,695
Gardner-Webb UniversityBoiling SpringsNCNCAA  I14,18119,064
High Point UniversityHigh PointNCNCAA  I 15,61722,678
Lees-McRae CollegeBanner ElkNCNCAA II 6,9956,921
Montreat CollegeMontreatNCNAIA 13,86110,815
North Carolina A & T State
GreensboroNCNCAA  I11,96215,561
North Carolina Central
DurhamNCNCAA  I13,65215,958
Queens University of CharlotteCharlotteNCNCAA II 13,55415,506
Saint Augustine's
RaleighNCNCAA II 3,9754,399
St Andrews UniversityLaurinburgNCNAIA 12,34810,097
Shaw UniversityRaleighNCNCAA II 9,21411,193
University of Mount
Mount OliveNCNCAA II 5,7858,141
Univ of North Carolina at
GreensboroNCNCAA  I 11,90616,207
Univ of North Carolina WilmingtonWilmingtonNCNCAA  I 8,6709,999
Wake Forest UniversityWinston-SalemNCNCAA  I39,30538,464
Winston-Salem State
Winston-SalemNCNCAA II 5,2366,755
Minot State UniversityMinotNDNCAA II 2,5564,652
Dickinson State UniversityDickinsonNDNAIA 1,1761,312
North Dakota State UniversityFargoNDNCAA  I11,13012,654
University of MaryBismarckNDNCAA II 5,5348,419
University of JamestownJamestownNDNAIA 8,2297,806
Mayville State UniversityMayvilleNDNAIA 1,7761,405
University of North DakotaGrand ForksNDNCAA  I14,07413,616
Valley City State UniversityValley CityNDNAIA 2,0672,479
Chadron State CollegeChadronNENCAA II 3,4883,929
Peru State CollegePeruNENAIA 3,0313,866
Bellevue UniversityBellevueNENAIA 5,6346,222
College of Saint MaryOmahaNENAIA 
Concordia University-NebraskaSewardNENAIA 5,8885,629
Doane UniversityCreteNENAIA 6,3477,933
Creighton UniversityOmahaNENCAA  I 19,85415,226
Hastings CollegeHastingsNENAIA 6,1656,152
University of NebraskaLincolnNENCAA  I18,75019,804
University of Nebraska at KearneyKearneyNENCAA II 5,3235,993
Midland UniversityFremontNENAIA 13,94313,445
University of Nebraska at OmahaOmahaNENCAA  I 9,5157,381
Wayne State CollegeWayneNENCAA II 3,0873,610
York CollegeYorkNENAIA 7,0357,306
Dartmouth CollegeHanoverNHNCAA  I 
Saint Anselm
ManchesterNHNCAA II 5,2507,891
Southern New Hampshire
ManchesterNHNCAA II 7,6378,986
University of New HampshireDurhamNHNCAA  I18,68819,416
Franklin Pierce
RindgeNHNCAA II 6,1189,234
Bloomfield CollegeBloomfieldNJNCAA II 10,40812,110
Caldwell UniversityCaldwellNJNCAA II 10,98410,547
Rider UniversityLawrencevilleNJNCAA  I 12,42713,000
Monmouth UniversityWest Long BranchNJNCAA  I20,58220,287
Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityTeaneckNJNCAA  I 20,54327,348
RutherfordNJNCAA II 5,96510,244
Georgian Court UniversityLakewoodNJNCAA II 7,4808,885
Princeton UniversityPrincetonNJNCAA  I 
New Jersey Institute of
NewarkNJNCAA  I 10,63621,398
Saint Peter's
Jersey CityNJNCAA  I 13,43715,296
Rutgers UniversityNew BrunswickNJNCAA  I22,85121,167
Seton Hall UniversitySouth OrangeNJNCAA  I 22,91233,024
New Mexico State UniversityLas CrucesNMNCAA  I20,24316,316
Northern New Mexico CollegeEspanolaNMNAIA 2,3402,348
Eastern New Mexico
PortalesNMNCAA II 4,1945,694
University of New MexicoAlbuquerqueNMNCAA  I20,55316,484
New Mexico Highlands UniversityLas VegasNMNCAA II 4,7735,801
University of the SouthwestHobbsNMNAIA 7,0406,940
Western New Mexico UniversitySilver CityNMNCAA II 3,6894,569
University of NevadaRenoNVNCAA  I23,16920,686
University of
Nevada-Las Vegas
Las VegasNVNCAA  I23,60021,228
Nyack CollegeNyackNYNCAA II 11,87513,710
Daemen CollegeAmherstNYNCAA II 5,3235,434
U.S. Military AcademyWest PointNYNCAA  I
St Bonaventure
Saint BonaventureNYNCAA  I 11,52812,262
Colgate UniversityHamiltonNYNCAA  I20,82220,600
Hofstra UniversityHempsteadNYNCAA  I 24,84825,423
Manhattan CollegeRiverdaleNYNCAA  I 16,75118,839
Le Moyne CollegeSyracuseNYNCAA II 9,62811,844
Long Island UniversityBrooklynNYNCAA  I 19,76120,151
Pace UniversityNew YorkNYNCAA II 8,0348,063
Niagara UniversityNiagara UniversityNYNCAA  I 14,89515,600
Roberts Wesleyan CollegeRochesterNYNCAA II 6,3135,546
Adelphi UniversityGarden CityNYNCAA II 9,68711,654
Binghamton UniversityVestalNYNCAA  I 10,44213,839
OrangeburgNYNCAA II 7,2809,777
College-New York
BronxvilleNYNCAA II 12,19612,883
Cornell UniversityIthacaNYNCAA  I 
College of Staten Island Staten IslandNYNCAA  II  
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseNYNCAA  I30,43635,124
Fordham UniversityBronxNYNCAA  I24,45131,565
Columbia University New YorkNYNCAA  I 
College of Saint
AlbanyNYNCAA II 5,5606,945
Canisius CollegeBuffaloNYNCAA  I 9,64911,497
Marist CollegePoughkeepsieNYNCAA  I7,57812,700
Iona CollegeNew RochelleNYNCAA  I13,49913,050
Mercy CollegeDobbs FerryNYNCAA II 5,7517,465
Molloy CollegeRockville CentreNYNCAA II 6,0226,247
New York Institute of
Old WestburyNYNCAA II 13,24316,204
St John's
QueensNYNCAA  I 22,32432,163
St Francis CollegeBrooklyn HeightsNYNCAA  I 11,66213,583
Siena CollegeLoudonvilleNYNCAA  I 14,87821,271
St. Thomas Aquinas
SparkillNYNCAA II 8,1388,661
Stony Brook UniversityStony BrookNYNCAA  I16,78319,303
University at AlbanyAlbanyNYNCAA  I17,56016,603
University at BuffaloBuffaloNYNCAA  I22,55120,771
Wagner CollegeStaten IslandNYNCAA  I17,14419,758
(Columbia Univ)
Queens CollegeQueensNYNCAA II 3,4144,865
University of
FindlayOHNCAA II 10,01110,437
University of DaytonDaytonOHNCAA  I10,94218,107
Ashland UniversityAshlandOHNCAA II 5,9975,123
University of CincinnatiCincinnatiOHNCAA  I20,37719,284
Xavier UniversityCincinnatiOHNCAA  I 14,31323,095
University of AkronAkronOHNCAA  I16,03315,239
Kent State University KentOHNCAA  I17,32516,749
Ursuline CollegePepper PikeOHNCAA II  12,829
University of ToledoToledoOHNCAA  I21,88717,844
Urbana UniversityUrbanaOHNCAA II 7,4658,227
Wright State UniversityDaytonOHNCAA  I 10,55413,389
Walsh UniversityNorth CantonOHNCAA II 6,3398,705
Bowling Green State UniversityBowling GreenOHNCAA  I18,18014,345
Cleveland State
ClevelandOHNCAA  I 8,95211,925
Tiffin UniversityTiffinOHNCAA II 5,1694,920
Lake Erie CollegePainesvilleOHNCAA II 7,5578,894
Lourdes UniversitySylvaniaOHNAIA 5,5025,584
Malone UniversityCantonOHNCAA II 7,1958,540
Central State UniversityWilberforceOHNCAA II 3,1393,517
Miami UniversityOxfordOHNCAA  I25,68817,042
Mount Vernon Nazarene UniversityMount VernonOHNAIA 4,5935,619
Ohio Christian UniversityCirclevilleOHNAIA 3,3213,503
Ohio UniversityAthensOHNCAA  I21,86719,909
Dominican University
ColumbusOHNCAA II 5,8406,402
Ohio State UniversityColumbusOHNCAA  I19,95020,353
University of Rio GrandeRio GrandeOHNAIA 6,7115,474
Shawnee State UniversityPortsmouthOHNAIA 1,7952,634
Univ of Northwestern OhioLimaOHNAIA 4,2166,195
Wilberforce UniversityWilberforceOHNAIA 6,0503,361
Youngstown State
YoungstownOHNCAA  I11,92411,227
Cedarville UniversityCedarvilleOHNCAA II 5,3267,159
Notre Dame CollegeClevelandOHNCAA II 5,1054,607
Northeastern State UniversityTahlequahOKNCAA II 7,1747,716
Southeastern Oklahoma State UnivDurantOKNCAA II 5,3047,431
Oklahoma Christian UniversityEdmondOKNCAA II 8,48711,152
Oklahoma Panhandle State UnivGoodwellOKNAIA 2,4173,435
Northwestern Oklahoma State UnivAlvaOKNCAA II 2,7002,959
Rogers State UniversityClaremoreOKNCAA II 6,1968,281
Southwestern Oklahoma State UnivWeatherfordOKNCAA II 4,2625,269
University of TulsaTulsaOKNCAA  I42,33739,589
Bacone CollegeMuskogeeOKNAIA 5,2544,309
University of Central OklahomaEdmondOKNCAA II 6,5015,970
Cameron UniversityLawtonOKNCAA II 6,4837,648
East Central UniversityAdaOKNCAA II 4,2955,495
Langston UniversityLangstonOKNAIA 1,6221,752
Mid-America Christian UnivOklahoma CityOKNAIA 6,9236,242
Oklahoma Baptist UniversityShawneeOKNCAA II 12,01111,046
Oklahoma City UniversityOklahoma CityOKNAIA 17,09216,575
Oklahoma State UniversityStillwaterOKNCAA  I12,9419,639
Oklahoma Wesleyan UniversityBartlesvilleOKNAIA 9,3798,760
Oral Roberts
TulsaOKNCAA  I 15,20524,547
Southwestern Christian UniversityBethanyOKNAIA 7,4406,258
Southern Nazarene UniversityBethanyOKNCAA II 7,9379,848
University of OklahomaNormanOKNCAA  I28,31224,788
University of Science & Arts ChickashaOKNAIA 11,64610,038
Corban UniversitySalemORNAIA 16,56018,426
Multnomah UniversityPortlandORNAIA 11,7647,606
Oregon Institute of TechnologyKlamath FallsORNAIA 6,3549,416
Eastern Oregon UniversityLa GrandeORNAIA 2,2292,278
Northwest Christian UniversityEugeneORNAIA 4,8514,730
Concordia University-PortlandPortlandORNCAA II 9,46211,625
University of OregonEugeneORNCAA  I27,62625,283
Portland State UniversityPortlandORNCAA  I18,88318,664
Oregon State UniversityCorvallisORNCAA  I19,33019,531
University of PortlandPortlandORNCAA  I 27,83827,002
Southern Oregon
AshlandORNAIA 1,8102,160
Western Oregon UniversityMonmouthORNCAA II 3,5324,482
Warner Pacific CollegePortlandORNAIA 4,8995,983
Holy Family UniversityPhiladelphiaPANCAA II 7,0287,193
Seton Hill UniversityGreensburgPANCAA II 9,3588,429
Bloomsburg University BloomsburgPANCAA II 1,5901,626
Edinboro University EdinboroPANCAA II 3,0623,413
Mansfield University MansfieldPANCAA II 1,1602,372
Indiana University of PennsylvaniaIndianaPANCAA II 4,6804,164
Thomas Jefferson
PhiladelphiaPANCAA II 9,65411,132
Lehigh UniversityBethlehemPANCAA  I20,89221,531
University of
JohnstownPANCAA II 4,3446,122
University of PittsburghPittsburghPANCAA  I29,68129,246
Robert Morris UniversityMoon TownshipPANCAA  I19,32620,513
Bucknell UniversityLewisburgPANCAA  I18,12822,498
California University of PACaliforniaPANCAA II 3,5364,265
ClarionPANCAA II 3,2284,308
University of the
PhiladelphiaPANCAA II 8,31810,295
Drexel UniversityPhiladelphiaPANCAA  I 19,04222,837
East Stroudsburg University East StroudsburgPANCAA II 2,6082,922
Gannon UniversityEriePANCAA II 8,9256,817
Duquesne UniversityPittsburghPANCAA  I22,38219,538
La Salle UniversityPhiladelphiaPANCAA  I 10,24711,453
Lafayette CollegeEastonPANCAA  I20,38519,157
Lock Haven UniversityLock HavenPANCAA II 2,2772,442
Pennsylvania State UniversityUniversity ParkPANCAA  I27,07927,672
Chestnut Hill CollegePhiladelphiaPANCAA II 3,7476,187
Mercyhurst UniversityEriePANCAA II 14,25315,271
Kutztown University KutztownPANCAA II 1,7081,970
Lincoln UniversityLincoln UniversityPANCAA II 3,3964,389
Millersville University MillersvillePANCAA II 2,4552,447
Temple UniversityPhiladelphiaPANCAA  I28,37628,133
University of PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaPANCAA  I  
Point Park UniversityPittsburghPANAIA 7,0414,905
Penn State
- Schuylkill
Schuylkill HavenPANAIA  
Slippery Rock University Slippery RockPANCAA II 2,6982,712
Saint Francis UniversityLorettoPANCAA  I15,49316,916
Shippensburg University ShippensburgPANCAA II 2,5422,653
Saint Joseph's UniversityPhiladelphiaPANCAA  I 14,92320,125
Villanova UniversityVillanovaPANCAA  I22,85319,304
West Chester University West ChesterPANCAA II 2,5813,080
Carlow UniversityPittsburghPANAIA 4,6794,595
Brown UniversityProvidenceRINCAA  I 
Bryant UniversitySmithfieldRINCAA  I15,22016,307
Providence CollegeProvidenceRINCAA  I 27,34031,486
University of Rhode
KingstonRINCAA  I21,46719,477
Claflin UniversityOrangeburgSCNCAA II 4,3885,413
Anderson UniversityAndersonSCNCAA II 7,57911,970
Benedict CollegeColumbiaSCNCAA II 7,9029,423
Citadel Military CollegeCharlestonSCNCAA  I15,75220,334
College of CharlestonCharlestonSCNCAA  I 10,58815,016
Converse CollegeSpartanburgSCNCAA II
Univ of South Carolina-
AikenSCNCAA II 8,70210,147
Southern Wesleyan
CentralSCNCAA II 6,9568,615
Univ of South
Carolina - Upstate
SpartanburgSCNCAA  I 12,08115,232
Winthrop UniversityRock HillSCNCAA  I 13,66117,406
Wofford CollegeSpartanburgSCNCAA  I27,55729,350
Allen UniversityColumbiaSCNAIA 7,5371,986
Columbia International UniversityColumbiaSCNAIA 3,1423,836
Clemson UniversityClemsonSCNCAA  I37,11326,868
Coker CollegeHartsvilleSCNCAA II 7,3078,719
Charleston Southern
CharlestonSCNCAA  I14,22717,638
Erskine CollegeDue WestSCNCAA II 3,9578,849
Francis Marion
FlorenceSCNCAA II 5,4568,565
Furman UniversityGreenvilleSCNCAA  I29,33032,893
University of South CarolinaColumbiaSCNCAA  I22,69220,987
Presbyterian CollegeClintonSCNCAA  I8,83018,111
Coastal Carolina UniversityConwaySCNCAA  I19,42119,106
Columbia CollegeColumbiaSCNAIA  4,987
Limestone CollegeGaffneySCNCAA II 6,4199,212
Lander UniversityGreenwoodSCNCAA II 5,8327,156
Morris CollegeSumterSCNAIA 2,2922,136
Newberry CollegeNewberrySCNCAA II 5,0588,778
North Greenville UniversityTigervilleSCNCAA II 6,1316,444
South Carolina State
OrangeburgSCNCAA  I9,6868,418
Voorhees CollegeDenmarkSCNAIA 2,1873,537
Black Hills State UniversitySpearfishSDNCAA II 4,4044,329
South Dakota State UniversityBrookingsSDNCAA  I7,9667,707
South Dakota School of Mines &
Rapid CitySDNCAA II 5,1444,996
Northern State UniversityAberdeenSDNCAA II 4,6274,866
University of Sioux FallsSioux FallsSDNCAA II 5,4725,983
Dakota State UniversityMadisonSDNAIA 2,3302,372
Dakota Wesleyan
MitchellSDNAIA 3,8773,138
Augustana UniversitySioux FallsSDNCAA II 9,28112,644
University of South DakotaVermillionSDNCAA  I11,03410,964
Mount Marty CollegeYanktonSDNAIA 3,7083,424
Presentation CollegeAberdeenSDNAIA 4,2843,721
Freed-Hardeman UniversityHendersonTNNAIA 18,75817,693
Le Moyne-Owen CollegeMemphisTNNCAA II 3,0582,783
Christian Brothers UniversityMemphisTNNCAA II 9,45712,478
Lane CollegeJacksonTNNCAA II 5,4516,579
Lee UniversityClevelandTNNCAA II 10,74610,236
University of MemphisMemphisTNNCAA  I21,28720,940
King UniversityBristolTNNCAA II 7,6378,168
Austin Peay State UniversityClarksvilleTNNCAA  I14,61816,805
Lincoln Memorial UniversityHarrogateTNNCAA II 10,55612,755
Milligan CollegeJohnson CityTNNAIA 13,51212,912
Belmont UniversityNashvilleTNNCAA  I 18,70329,080
Bethel UniversityMcKenzieTNNAIA 17,21114,367
Bryan CollegeDaytonTNNAIA 8,73310,935
Carson-Newman UniversityJefferson CityTNNCAA II 8,95112,191
East Tennessee State UniversityJohnson CityTNNCAA  I14,21913,567
Middle Tennessee State
MurfreesboroTNNCAA  I22,76728,974
Cumberland UniversityLebanonTNNAIA 14,19411,072
University of Tennessee-ChattanoogaChattanoogaTNNCAA  I26,02816,886
Martin Methodist CollegePulaskiTNNAIA 14,92615,331
Lipscomb UniversityNashvilleTNNCAA  I 18,24726,120
Trevecca Nazarene UniversityNashvilleTNNCAA II 8,76011,969
Tennessee State UniversityNashvilleTNNCAA  I13,7789,274
Tennessee Tech
CookevilleTNNCAA  I16,24818,433
Tusculum CollegeGreenevilleTNNCAA II 6,5817,640
Tennessee Wesleyan CollegeAthensTNNAIA 16,06714,339
University of Tennessee-MartinMartinTNNCAA  I10,6159,752
University of TennesseeKnoxvilleTNNCAA  I28,68223,315
Union UniversityJacksonTNNCAA II 15,20618,561
Vanderbilt UniversityNashvilleTNNCAA  I48,77839,716
Fisk UniversityNashvilleTNNAIA 3,2434,419
Dallas Baptist UniversityDallasTXNCAA II 6,16513,865
Texas A & M International LaredoTXNCAA II 4,9075,719
University of Texas Rio Grande ValleyEdinburgTXNCAA  I 7,60611,004
University of Texas at San AntonioSan AntonioTXNCAA  I15,41215,327
Huston-Tillotson UniversityAustinTXNAIA 2,2033,166
Texas A & M - KingsvilleKingsvilleTXNCAA II 3,9246,634
Lubbock Christian UniversityLubbockTXNCAA II 6,7048,999
Texas A & M - CommerceCommerceTXNCAA II 7,51910,062
Prairie View A & M UniversityPrairie ViewTXNCAA  I9,3639,109
St Mary's UniversitySan AntonioTXNCAA II 12,57015,655
Stephen F Austin State UniversityNacogdochesTXNCAA  I11,64510,563
Southern Methodist UniversityDallasTXNCAA  I50,69146,337
Texas Tech UniversityLubbockTXNCAA  I15,92217,080
Texas State UniversitySan MarcosTXNCAA  I16,72018,376
University of the Incarnate
San AntonioTXNCAA  I21,05728,161
Wayland Baptist UniversityPlainviewTXNAIA 3,6609,155
Texas A & M UniversityCollege StationTXNCAA  I19,20016,333
Abilene Christian
AbileneTXNCAA  I22,30036,989
Angelo State UniversitySan AngeloTXNCAA II 5,4367,819
Baylor UniversityWacoTXNCAA  I42,98627,451
Sam Houston State UniversityHuntsvilleTXNCAA  I11,53612,811
West Texas A & M UniversityCanyonTXNCAA II 6,1537,758
Texas Christian UniversityFort WorthTXNCAA  I45,27634,381
Saint Edward's UniversityAustinTXNCAA II 14,11019,877
Texas A & M - Corpus ChristiCorpus ChristiTXNCAA  I 17,21458,591
Houston Baptist UniversityHoustonTXNCAA  I21,27814,610
Jarvis Christian CollegeHawkinsTXNAIA 4,2663,907
Lamar UniversityBeaumontTXNCAA  I17,28123,957
University of North TexasDentonTXNCAA  I17,46215,018
Midwestern State UniversityWichita FallsTXNCAA II 5,7769,198
Our Lady of the Lake
San AntonioTXNAIA 6,4697,997
Paul Quinn CollegeDallasTXNAIA 1,0611,813
Texas Wesleyan UniversityFort WorthTXNAIA 10,74412,164
Rice UniversityHoustonTXNCAA  I44,31842,897
Texas A & M - TexarkanaTexarkanaTXNAIA 1,2142,100
Tarleton State
StephenvilleTXNCAA II 5,9967,956
Texas CollegeTylerTXNAIA 2,4221,485
University of Texas AustinTXNCAA  I24,82519,535
Texas Southern UniversityHoustonTXNCAA  I12,46112,292
Texas Woman's UniversityDentonTXNCAA II  7,654
University of HoustonHoustonTXNCAA  I17,72315,450
University of Texas at ArlingtonArlingtonTXNCAA  I 14,98720,563
University of Texas at El PasoEl PasoTXNCAA  I18,84523,837
University of Texas Permian BasinOdessaTXNCAA II 4,0234,574
Wiley CollegeMarshallTXNAIA 4,1523,516
Assemblies of God 
WaxahachieTXNAIA 3,9965,497
Brigham Young UniversityProvoUTNCAA  I11,61410,811
Dixie State UniversitySaint GeorgeUTNCAA II 4,6294,585
Utah Valley UniversityOremUTNCAA  I 6,8009,881
Southern Utah UniversityCedar CityUTNCAA  I12,12013,665
Westminster CollegeSalt Lake CityUTNCAA II 4,4005,867
Utah State UniversityLoganUTNCAA  I18,89814,392
University of UtahSalt Lake CityUTNCAA  I19,86724,051
Weber State UniversityOgdenUTNCAA  I13,41012,808
Bluefield CollegeBluefieldVANAIA 6,8451,441
George Mason UniversityFairfaxVANCAA  I 13,02116,206
Virginia State UniversityPetersburgVANCAA II 4,3797,154
James Madison UniversityHarrisonburgVANCAA  I18,23217,424
Virginia Union UniversityRichmondVANCAA II 7,1748,606
Hampton UniversityHamptonVANCAA  I16,52218,755
Virginia TechBlacksburgVANCAA  I22,57823,198
Liberty UniversityLynchburgVANCAA  I23,91218,233
Longwood UniversityFarmvilleVANCAA  I 14,56415,702
Norfolk State UniversityNorfolkVANCAA  I14,76015,260
Old Dominion UniversityNorfolkVANCAA  I22,64619,071
Radford UniversityRadfordVANCAA  I 11,68012,683
University of RichmondRichmondVANCAA  I28,94529,404
College of William & MaryWilliamsburgVANCAA  I16,83318,538
University of Virginia 
- Wise
WiseVANCAA II 5,0445,469
Commonwealth University
RichmondVANCAA  I 18,37621,932
University of VirginiaCharlottesvilleVANCAA  I28,33526,371
Virginia Military InstituteLexingtonVANCAA  I12,2048,177
University of VermontBurlingtonVTNCAA  I 16,51419,803
Saint Michael's
ColchesterVTNCAA II 4,0083,642
Eastern Washington UniversityCheneyWANCAA  I13,29212,929
Evergreen State CollegeOlympiaWANAIA 2,2722,972
Northwest UniversityKirklandWANAIA 7,9997,560
Walla Walla UniversityCollege PlaceWANAIA 9021,208
University of WashingtonSeattleWANCAA  I23,72022,948
Seattle UniversitySeattleWANCAA  I 16,18920,462
Gonzaga UniversitySpokaneWANCAA  I 13,55216,601
Saint Martin's UniversityLaceyWANCAA II 7,58510,008
Seattle Pacific UniversitySeattleWANCAA II 14,18611,170
Central Washington UniversityEllensburgWANCAA II 4,4594,296
Washington State UniversityPullmanWANCAA  I23,06720,861
Western Washington UniversityBellinghamWANCAA II 5,2166,311
Univ of Wisconsin-Green BayGreen BayWINCAA  I 12,84111,903
Univ of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeMilwaukeeWINCAA  I 12,34815,768
Marquette UniversityMilwaukeeWINCAA  I 17,86424,704
Univ of Wisconsin-ParksideKenoshaWINCAA II 4,3726,799
Cardinal Stritch UniversityMilwaukeeWINAIA 5,2675,059
University of WisconsinMadisonWINCAA  I22,68818,160
Viterbo UniversityLa CrosseWINAIA 1,9501,585
Holy Family College ManitowocWINAIA 1,0281,081
WheelingWVNCAA II 7,6458,136
Fairmont State UniversityFairmontWVNCAA II 5,1375,502
Ohio Valley UniversityViennaWVNCAA II 12,08613,251
Bluefield State CollegeBluefieldWVNCAA II 2,2182,196
Alderson Broaddus UniversityPhilippiWVNCAA II 5,0208,983
Glenville State CollegeGlenvilleWVNCAA II 4,6394,769
Davis & Elkins CollegeElkinsWVNCAA II 6,6306,674
Shepherd UniversityShepherdstownWVNCAA II 4,1684,647
Salem International UniversitySalemWVNCAA II 6,3149,360
University of CharlestonCharlestonWVNCAA II 9,45210,490
West Virginia UniversityMorgantownWVNCAA  I20,24319,123
Concord UniversityAthensWVNCAA II 5,8334,973
WVU Institute of
MontgomeryWVNAIA 9,3436,271
Marshall UniversityHuntingtonWVNCAA  I20,35118,274
West Liberty UniversityWest LibertyWVNCAA II 5,5384,382
West Virginia
Wesleyan College
BuckhannonWVNCAA II 6,5166,110
West Virginia
State University
InstituteWVNCAA II 7,6208,540
University of WyomingLaramieWYNCAA  I18,18514,637