Fencing 2020

46 Schools sponsored varsity Fencing teams during 2019-20:
  # of teams Total Athletes Average team size Scholarship limit  Average Scholarship
NCAA I212739345419174.5516,80218,400
NCAA II22313016154.54.56,0317,197
NCAA III11152152362016--

Fencing is an equivalency sport for NCAA scholarship purposes, so partial scholarships can  be awarded to meet the limit per school.  For example, an NCAA Division I school can award 10 female fencers each a 1/2 scholarship and not exceed the limit of 5 per team.  See our page on scholarship limits for more information. During 2020  Stanford University & Brown University announced they were discontinuing fencing as varsity level programs. 

* Average Athletic Scholarship is the average annual amount of athletically related student aid per athlete for ALL varsity sports sponsored by the specific school. Some athletes receive full awards, some receive partial and many receive none. Additionally some sports within a school may be fully funded, some partially and some sports provide no athletic scholarships. Private schools generally have higher tuition than public schools and the average award will reflect this.

Do you have the skills to compete in College Fencing?

What level of athlete are coaches looking for and who are you competing with for a roster spot? A good way to get an idea is to look at the high-school bios of fencers currently on the roster of schools that interest you. Our tables below have links to all 46 College varsity  team sites … search schools & see how you might compare.

Fencing - All Schools:

Schools with Varsity Fencing teams
City / Main Campus StateAthletic
 TeamsAvr Men's
Avr Women's
 Avr SAT
Out of State
Stanford University * Dropped 2021Palo AltoCANCAA  IMW31,34730,370760344%51,354 51,354
University of California-San DiegoLa JollaCANCAA II MW2,6772,3537053030%14,167 43,159
U.S. Air Force AcademyColorado SpringsCONCAA  IMW6703111%FullRide!
Sacred Heart UniversityFairfieldCTNCAA  IMW13,52512,026  60%41,420 41,420
Yale UniversityNew HavenCTNCAA  IMW  770346%53,430 53,430
Savannah College of Art & DesignAtlantaGANAIA  MW18,38013,8875502470%37,130 37,130
Northwestern UniversityEvanstonILNCAA  IW44,00236,951760348%54,568 54,568
University of Notre DameNotre DameINNCAA  IMW34,32735,1087503418%53,391 53,391
Boston CollegeChestnut HillMANCAA  IMW31,15427,2287203328%55,464 55,464
Brandeis UniversityWalthamMANCAA III MW  7153131%55,395 55,395
Harvard UniversityCambridgeMANCAA  IMW  770345%50,420 50,420
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCambridgeMANCAA III MW  790357%51,832 51,832
Tufts UniversityMedfordMANCAA III W  7403315%56,382 56,382
Wellesley CollegeWellesley MANCAA IIIW7203220%53,732 53,732
Johns Hopkins UniversityBaltimoreMDNCAA III  MW  7703411%53,740 53,740
St John's CollegeAnnapolisMDIndepMW  58%53,343 53,343
University of Detroit MercyDetroitMINCAA  IMW14,03019,1415752483%28,000 28,000
Wayne State UniversityDetroitMINCAA II MW9,38512,0405502471%13,097 27,991
Duke UniversityDurhamNCNCAA  IMW32,38441,803770349%55,695 55,695
University of North Carolina Chapel HillNCNCAA  IMW19,89019,5517003123%8,987 35,170
Drew UniversityMadisonNJNCAA III MW    69%39,800 39,800
Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityTeaneckNJNCAA  IW20,54327,348  89%40,732 40,732
New Jersey Institute of TechnologyNewarkNJNCAA  IMW10,63621,3986602864%17,338 32,750
Princeton UniversityPrincetonNJNCAA  IMW  765345%50,340 50,340
Stevens Institute of TechnologyHobokenNJNCAA III MW  7303241%52,202 52,202
Barnard (Columbia Univ)New YorkNYNCAA  I W  7103214%55,032 55,032
City College of New YorkNew YorkNYNCAA III W  590 48%7,140 14,810
Columbia University New YorkNYNCAA  IMW  770346%59,430 59,430
Cornell UniversityIthacaNYNCAA  IW  7503311%55,188 55,188
Hunter CollegeNew YorkNYNCAA III MW  630 36%7,182 14,852
Long Island UniversityBrooklynNYNCAA  I W19,76120,1515752476%37,763 37,763
New York UniversityNew YorkNYNCAA III MW  7253220%51,828 51,828
St John's UniversityQueensNYNCAA  IMW22,32432,1635852673%41,760 41,760
Vassar CollegePoughkeepsieNYNCAA III MW  7303225%56,960 56,960
Wagner CollegeStaten IslandNYNCAA  IW17,14419,758  70%47,090 47,090
Yeshiva UniversityNew YorkNYNCAA III MW  6302660%43,500 43,500
Cleveland State UniversityClevelandOHNCAA  IMW8,95211,9255352288%10,457 14,824
Denison UniversityGranvilleOHNCAA III W  6603034%51,960 51,960
Ohio State UniversityColumbusOHNCAA  IMW19,95020,3537053052%10,726 30,742
Haverford CollegeHaverfordPANCAA III MW  7353319%54,838 54,838
Lafayette CollegeEastonPANCAA  IMW20,38519,1576833029%53,630 53,630
Pennsylvania State UniversityUniversity ParkPANCAA  IMW27,07927,6726402856%18,454 34,858
Temple UniversityPhiladelphiaPANCAA  IW28,37628,133  59%16,970 29,066
University of PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaPANCAA  IMW  760348%55,584 55,584
Brown University * Dropped 2021ProvidenceRINCAA  IMW  755348%55,466 55,466
University of the Incarnate WordSan AntonioTXNCAA  IMW21,05728,1615152088%31,484 31,484
Lawrence UniversityAppletonWINCAA III MW  6702962%47,475 47,475