Bowling 2020


Odds of a High School Bowler competing in College 2020:
College Bowling Odds 2020:  Male Female
Number of US High School Bowlers 2019-2035,82530,796
Number of College Bowlers (see table below)1,2521,898
% of US High School Bowlers competing at any College Level3.5%6.2%
% of US High School Bowlers Competing at NCAA I Schools-1.1%
Odds of a US High School Bowler making any College Roster29:1
Odds of a US High School Bowler making an NCAA I Roster-
See Odds of a High School Athlete competing in College for more information.

198 Schools sponsored varsity Bowling teams during  2019-20:
   # of teams Total Athletes Average team size Scholarship limit  Average Scholarship *
NCAA I35-3533510-5-17,917
NCAA II3963966368119-5-8,543
NCAA III2632636239129--

Bowling is an official NCAA sport for women and  is an equivalency sport for NCAA scholarship purposes, so partial scholarships can  be awarded to meet the limit per school.  For example, an NCAA I school can award 10 women each a 1/2 scholarship and not exceed the  limit of 5 per team.   Both Men’s & Women’s bowling are official NAIA sports. See our page on scholarship limits for more information.

* Average Athletic Scholarship is the average annual award per athlete for ALL varsity sports sponsored by the specific school. Some athletes receive full awards, some receive partial and many receive none. Additionally some sports within a school may be fully funded, some partially and some sports provide no athletic scholarships. Private schools generally have higher tuition than public schools and the average award will reflect this.

Do you have the skills to Bowl in College?

What level of Bowler are coaches looking for and who are you competing with for a roster spot? A good way to get an idea is to look at the high-school bios of Bowlers currently on the roster of schools that interest you. Our tables below have links to all 198 US College Bowling team sites … search schools & see how you compare.

Bowling - All Schools:

Schools with Varsity Bowling teams
City / Main Campus StateDivision TeamsAvr Men's
Avr Women's
 Avr SAT
Out of State
Univ of Alabama at BirminghamBirminghamALNCAA  I   W18,85019,9135552592%8,568 19,704
Alabama A & M UniversityNormalALNCAA  I   W11,73312,6234651890%9,744 18,354
Alabama State UniversityMontgomeryALNCAA  I   W11,18412,6294651898%11,068 19,396
Arkansas State UniversityJonesboroARNCAA  I   W14,91914,5595642477%8,607 15,297
Sacred Heart UniversityFairfieldCTNCAA  I   W13,52512,026  60%41,420 41,420
Howard UniversityWashingtonDCNCAA  I   W18,67317,0735932532%26,756 26,756
Delaware State UniversityDoverDENCAA  I   W11,93512,0004452049%7,868 16,904
Wilmington UniversityNew CastleDENCAA II  W3,6175,48311,210 11,210
Bethune-Cookman UniversityDaytona BeachFLNCAA  I   W16,84612,57114,814 14,814
Florida A & M UniversityTallahasseeFLNCAA  I   W11,19416,5505452139%5,785 17,725
Webber International UniversityBabson ParkFLNAIA  MW8,3586,6424821940%26,116 26,116
Savannah College of Art & DesignAtlantaGANAIA  MW18,38013,8875502470%37,130 37,130
Savannah College of Art & DesignSavannahGANAIA  MW18,38013,8875502470%37,130 37,130
Life UniversityMariettaGANAIA  MW6,0394,9684751994%12,696 12,696
Emmanuel CollegeFranklin SpringsGANCAA II MW5,7239,2065101942%20,292 20,292
Coe College (2020-21)Cedar RapidsIANCAA III  W  5802567%44,050 44,050
Wartburg CollegeWaverlyIANCAA III MW  5502376%41,280 41,280
William Penn UniversityOskaloosaIANAIA  MW16,29714,307  55%25,600 25,600
Waldorf UniversityForest CityIANAIA  MW9,48410,8305052075%22,076 22,076
Upper Iowa UniversityFayetteIANCAA II MW7,32411,7725352150%30,450 30,450
Grand View UniversityDes MoinesIANAIA  MW7,2624,6845102192%27,608 27,608
Clarke UniversityDubuqueIANAIA  MW6,5555,4845092182%33,350 33,350
Morningside CollegeSioux CityIANAIA  MW5,1634,928 2358%31,530 31,530
Mount Mercy UniversityCedar RapidsIANAIA  MW4,5093,889 2263%31,998 31,998
Saint Ambrose UniversityDavenportIANAIA  MW4,1542,9805502363%30,894 30,894
Iowa Western CCCouncil BluffsIANJCAA MW3,8239,9665,952 6,112
Iowa Central CCFort DodgeIANJCAA MW1,3922,3795,490 7,890
Augustana CollegeRock IslandILNCAA III W    64%42,135 42,135
Aurora UniversityAuroraILNCAA III    W  5252181%24,260 24,260
Dominican UniversityRiver ForestILNCAA III W  5152264%33,434 33,434
Elmhurst CollegeElmhurstILNCAA III    W  5422367%37,055 37,055
Illinois Wesleyan Univ (2020-21)BloomingtonILNCAA III W  6082759%47,636 47,636
University of St FrancisJolietILNAIA  MW9,9149,2885502347%32,320 32,320
Lewis UniversityRomeovilleILNCAA II MW9,72312,1285602458%32,450 32,450
Saint Xavier UniversityChicagoILNAIA  MW9,6878,8505152274%33,880 33,880
Judson UniversityElginILNAIA  MW9,5058,2215352271%29,860 29,860
Quincy University (2020-21)QuincyILNCAA II  W6,8988,7575152268%28,562 28,562
Lincoln CollegeLincolnILNAIA MW6,0916,5253701780%18,600 18,600
McKendree UniversityLebanonILNCAA II MW5,7246,2505602467%30,520 30,520
Roosevelt University (2020-21)ChicagoILNAIAMW2,8632,4665402465%29,832 29,832
Highland CCFreeportILNJCAA MW1,4612,3046,519 6,519
Kishwaukee CollegeMaltaILNJCAA MW1644719,060 13,320
North Central CollegeNapervilleILNCAA III W  5102456%38,880 38,880
Rock Valley CollegeRockfordILNJCAA MW  8,414 15,224
Marian UniversityIndianapolisINNAIA  MW12,74810,7595552361%34,000 34,000
Calumet College of Saint JosephWhitingINNAIA  MW11,20710,44519,170 19,170
Valparaiso UniversityValparaisoINNCAA  I   W9,02918,5315852689%40,260 40,260
Indiana Institute of TechnologyFort WayneINNAIA  MW7,8719,7214322163%26,900 26,900
Vincennes UniversityVincennesINNJCAA  M 7,11612,1705,902 13,959
Bethel CollegeMishawakaINNAIA  MW5,8753,7645302292%28,590 28,590
Huntington UniversityHuntingtonINNAIA  MW5,6655,2565402383%26,158 26,158
Grace College (2020-21)Winona LakeINNAIA  MW4,9645,2005602482%24,768 24,768
Ancilla CollegeDonaldsonINNJCAA MW1,9631,8694551869%17,550 17,550
Baker UniversityBaldwin CityKSNAIA  MW20,36322,2185382388%29,830 29,830
Newman UniversityWichitaKSNCAA II  W12,50015,2305452362%30,750 30,750
Ottawa UniversityOttawaKSNAIA  MW11,53911,6345101978%30,050 30,050
Kansas Wesleyan UniversitySalinaKSNAIA  MW5,8424,5415402347%29,500 29,500
Barton County CCGreat BendKSNJCAA MW3,9413,8093,584 3,584
Union CollegeBarbourvilleKYNAIA  MW11,19511,4745052156%27,140 27,140
Campbellsville UniversityCampbellsvilleKYNAIA  MW10,01210,1605422183%25,400 25,400
University of the CumberlandsWilliamsburgKYNAIA  MW8,2596,3415502373%23,000 23,000
Lindsey Wilson CollegeColumbiaKYNAIA  MW7,9679,44024,850 24,850
Kentucky Wesleyan CollegeOwensboroKYNCAA II  W6,9377,7855102364%26,160 26,160
Midway UniversityMidwayKYNAIA  MW5,3523,4675102161%24,750 24,750
University of PikevillePikevilleKYNAIA  MW5,3484,67920,950 20,950
Spalding UniversityLouisvilleKYNCAA III    W  5452196%24,500 24,500
Thomas More CollegeCrestview HillsKYNAIAMW  5202290%31,200 31,200
Tulane University New OrleansLANCAA  I   W39,23439,9857203217%54,820 54,820
Louisiana Tech UniversityRustonLANCAA  I   W17,72515,7674752563%9,645 18,558
Grambling State UniversityGramblingLANCAA  I   W11,02611,9224551895%7,435 16,458
Southern University Baton RougeLANCAA  I   W10,43712,4245001937%9,122 16,472
Coppin State UniversityBaltimoreMDNCAA  I    W8,96610,0484701838%8,873 15,144
Morgan State UniversityBaltimoreMDNCAA  I   W15,23217,6215101866%7,900 18,167
Mount St Mary's UniversityEmmitsburgMDNCAA  I W9,73111,3035652268%41,350 41,350
Univ of Maryland Eastern ShorePrincess AnneMDNCAA  I    W9,57714,4684751854%8,302 18,508
Bowie State UniversityBowieMDNCAA II  W4,1145,485  38%8,234 18,874
Garrett CollegeMcHenryMDNJCAA MW3551,1487,812 9,212
Rochester CollegeRochester HillsMINAIA  MW12,8279,75248520100%23,282 23,282
Lawrence Technological UnivSouthfieldMINAIA  MW9,25711,3525852678%33,570 33,570
Madonna UniversityLivoniaMINAIA  MW8,3245,8385252278%21,900 21,900
Siena Heights UniversityAdrianMINAIA  MW7,9745,833  69%27,124 27,124
Cleary UniversityHowellMINAIA  MW7,7328,0965201958%20,550 20,550
Spring Arbor UniversitySpring ArborMINAIA  MW7,3808,2875582371%28,810 28,810
Aquinas CollegeGrand RapidsMINAIA  MW6,5856,1995552469%32,574 32,574
Cornerstone UniversityGrand RapidsMINAIA  MW6,0365,7565252373%24,500 24,500
Concordia University-Ann ArborAnn ArborMINAIA  MW5,2343,690 2149%29,290 29,290
Univ of Michigan-DearbornDearbornMINAIAMW2,1292,2075902778%12,930 25,158
Kirtland Community CollegeRoscommonMINJCAA MW1,8331,7755,880 8,130
Jackson CollegeJacksonMINJCAA  MW1,7732,0188,742 11,187
Kellogg Community CollegeBattle CreekMINJCAA MW1,2741,1576,072 8,480
Wayne County CC DetroitMINJCAA MW9848593,107 3,842
Muskegon Community CollegeMuskegonMINJCAA MW8241,17510,030 13,430
St Clair County CCPort HuronMINJCAA MW6339048,178 11,557
Mid Michigan CollegeHarrisonMINJCAA MW5838707,080 7,080
Schoolcraft CollegeLivoniaMINJCAA  MW4565635,176 7,230
Adrian CollegeAdrianMINCAA III MW  5232365%37,087 37,087
Alma CollegeAlmaMINCAA III    W  5602364%40,258 40,258
Grace Christian UniversityWyomingMINCCAA  MW    28%13,945 13,945
Olivet CollegeOlivetMINCAA III MW  4751971%27,680 27,680
Missouri Baptist UniversitySaint LouisMONAIA  MW14,33012,5755102152%27,124 27,124
Columbia CollegeColumbiaMONAIA  W10,81516,30622,704 22,704
Drury UniversitySpringfieldMONCAA II MW8,70513,0895802668%28,515 28,515
Maryville Univ of Saint LouisSaint LouisMONCAA II  W8,5129,5375602395%28,470 28,470
Lincoln UniversityJefferson CityMONCAA II  W6,9817,4527,632 14,172
University of Central MissouriWarrensburgMONCAA II  W5,3687,777 2286%7,673 14,442
Culver-Stockton CollegeCantonMONAIA  MW  5202146%26,680 26,680
Blue Mountain CollegeBlue MountainMSNAIA  MW8,1669,3545052293%12,584 12,584
Jackson State UniversityJacksonMSNCAA  I   W8,0178,7634542069%8,051 19,279
North Carolina A & T State UnivGreensboroNCNCAA  I   W11,96215,5615102061%6,612 19,822
Shaw UniversityRaleighNCNCAA II  W9,21411,193  52%16,480 16,480
Johnson C. Smith UniversityCharlotteNCNCAA II  W9,16110,6954401646%18,236 18,236
Livingstone CollegeSalisburyNCNCAA II  W5,8204,1654201542%18,296 18,296
Chowan UniversityMurfreesboroNCNCAA II  W5,7137,2584401659%24,980 24,980
Fayetteville State UniversityFayettevilleNCNCAA II  W5,2757,1044752068%5,249 16,857
Belmont Abbey CollegeBelmontNCNCAA II  W3,1723,5775252280%18,500 18,500
Elizabeth City State UniversityElizabeth CityNCNCAA II  W9471,9234801959%3,194 7,194
University of NebraskaLincolnNENCAA  I   W18,75019,8046202680%9,242 25,038
Midland UniversityFremontNENAIA  MW13,94313,4455052152%32,598 32,598
Hastings CollegeHastingsNENAIA  MW6,1656,1525102264%30,050 30,050
College of Saint MaryOmahaNENAIA    W    52%20,350 20,350
Monmouth UniversityWest Long BranchNJNCAA  I   W20,58220,2875552277%38,138 38,138
Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityTeaneckNJNCAA  I    W20,54327,348  89%40,732 40,732
Caldwell UniversityCaldwellNJNCAA II  W10,98410,5475252067%34,715 34,715
Bloomfield CollegeBloomfieldNJNCAA II  W10,40812,1104801861%29,950 29,950
Felician UniversityRutherfordNJNCAA II  W5,96510,2445001981%34,320 34,320
Union County CollegeCranfordNJNJCAA  W801,68810,280 10,280
New Jersey City UniversityJersey CityNJNCAA III    W  475 96%12,052 21,574
Long Island UniversityBrooklynNYNCAA  I    W19,76120,1515752476%37,763 37,763
Wagner College (2020-21)Staten IslandNYNCAA  IW17,14419,758  70%47,090 47,090
St Francis CollegeBrooklyn HeightsNYNCAA  I    W11,66213,583  77%26,188 26,188
Adelphi UniversityGarden CityNYNCAA II  W9,68711,6545902574%38,740 38,740
St. Thomas Aquinas CollegeSparkillNYNCAA II  W8,1388,6615052276%31,950 31,950
Roberts Wesleyan CollegeRochesterNYNCAA II  W6,3135,5465652465%31,568 31,568
Molloy CollegeRockville CentreNYNCAA II  W6,0226,2475702481%31,490 31,490
Daemen CollegeAmherstNYNCAA II  W5,3235,434  54%28,580 28,580
Rockland Community CollegeSuffernNYNJCAA MW465 5,182 9,928
Westchester Community CollegeValhallaNYNJCAA MW3187384,836 12,226
Erie Community CollegeBuffaloNYNJCAA MW33965,575 10,141
Adirondack CCQueensburyNYNJCAA MW  5,340 9,900
Corning Community CollegeCorningNYNJCAA MW  5,442 10,152
D'Youville CollegeBuffaloNYNCAA III W  56519100%26,750 26,750
Fulton-Montgomery CCJohnstownNYNJCAA MW  5,170 9,770
Herkimer CollegeHerkimerNYNJCAA MW  5,320 8,250
Hilbert CollegeHamburgNYNCAA III W    84%22,350 22,350
Hudson Valley CCTroyNYNJCAA MW  5,812 13,087
Medaille CollegeBuffaloNYNCAA III    W  4852063%29,500 29,500
Mohawk Valley CCUticaNYNJCAA MW  5,266 9,636
Paul Smith's CollegePaul SmithsNYUSCAAMW    86%28,452 28,452
Schenectady County CCSchenectadyNYNJCAA MW  4,944 9,360
Suffolk County CCSeldenNYNJCAA MW  5,792 11,012
Villa Maria CollegeBuffaloNYUSCAA W    75%23,010 23,010
Ursuline CollegePepper PikeOHNCAA II  W 12,8295402290%32,390 32,390
Youngstown State UniversityYoungstownOHNCAA  I W11,92411,2275402169%8,967 9,327
University of Rio GrandeRio GrandeOHNAIA  MW6,7115,47427,481 27,481
Walsh UniversityNorth CantonOHNCAA II  W6,3398,7055402378%29,980 29,980
Lourdes UniversitySylvaniaOHNAIA  MW5,5025,5845152189%22,480 22,480
Notre Dame CollegeClevelandOHNCAA II  W5,1054,6074751990%30,160 30,160
Mount Vernon Nazarene UnivMount VernonOHNAIA  MW4,5935,6195152376%29,244 29,244
Univ of Northwestern OhioLimaOHNAIA  MW4,2166,19511,350 11,350
Shawnee State UniversityPortsmouthOHNAIA  MW1,7952,6348,556 14,714
Kent State Univ at TuscarawasNew PhiladelphiaOHUSCAA W  5,834 14,332
Oklahoma Christian UniversityEdmondOKNCAA II MW8,48711,1525752465%22,760 22,760
Southwestern Christian UnivBethanyOKNAIA  MW7,4406,2584901980%15,080 15,080
Duquesne UniversityPittsburghPANCAA  I W22,38219,5385952772%38,178 38,178
Saint Francis UniversityLorettoPANCAA  I   W15,49316,9165702375%36,410 36,410
Mercyhurst UniversityEriePANCAA II  W14,25315,271  60%37,170 37,170
Chestnut Hill CollegePhiladelphiaPANCAA II  W3,7476,1875101896%36,180 36,180
Kutztown University KutztownPANCAA II  W1,7081,9705202183%10,802 22,626
CC of Allegheny CountyPittsburghPANJCAA MW  7,861 11,251
La Roche CollegePittsburghPANCAA III W  4951999%28,564 28,564
Mount Aloysius CollegeCressonPANCAA III    W  5102092%23,110 23,110
Penn State - AltoonaAltoonaPANCAA III    W  5452391%15,198 24,450
Penn State - Erie-Behrend EriePANCAA III W  5952589%15,198 24,450
Pennsylvania Highlands CCJohnstownPANJCAA MW  8,130 11,460
Saint Vincent CollegeLatrobePANCAA III W  5552268%35,462 35,462
University of Pittsburgh-BradfordBradfordPANCAA III    W  5352349%13,900 25,144
Westmoreland County CCYoungwoodPANJCAA MW  9,348 13,338
Vanderbilt UniversityNashvilleTNNCAA  I   W48,77839,7167753410%49,816 49,816
Bethel UniversityMcKenzieTNNAIA  MW17,21114,3674712166%16,552 16,552
Tennessee Wesleyan CollegeAthensTNNAIA  MW16,06714,3394952260%24,300 24,300
Martin Methodist CollegePulaskiTNNAIA  MW14,92615,33154121100%24,246 24,246
Cumberland UniversityLebanonTNNAIA  MW14,19411,0725052162%22,890 22,890
Lincoln Memorial UniversityHarrogateTNNCAA II  W10,55612,7555472260%22,010 22,010
Tusculum CollegeGreenevilleTNNCAA II  W6,5817,6405232166%24,860 24,860
Texas Southern UniversityHoustonTXNCAA  I   W12,46112,2924501757%9,173 21,623
Stephen F Austin State UniversityNacogdochesTXNCAA  I   W11,64510,5635352168%8,316 18,276
Sam Houston State UniversityHuntsvilleTXNCAA  I   W11,53612,8115302179%8,296 18,256
Prairie View A & M UniversityPrairie ViewTXNCAA  I   W9,3639,1094801974%10,533 24,843
Jarvis Christian CollegeHawkinsTXNAIA  MW4,2663,90711,720 11,720
Norfolk State UniversityNorfolkVANCAA  I   W14,76015,2604651990%9,490 20,658
Virginia Union UniversityRichmondVANCAA II  W7,1748,6064301744%17,748 17,748
Virginia State UniversityPetersburgVANCAA II  W4,3797,1544551891%9,056 20,307
Bryant & Stratton CollegeWauwatosaWINJCAAMW6,4949,30718,011 18,011
Viterbo UniversityLa CrosseWINAIA  MW1,9501,5856302476%27,970 27,970
Carthage College (2020-21)KenoshaWINCAA III W  5752468%43,550 43,550
Lakeland University (2020-21)PlymouthWINCAA III W  4851952%28,870 28,870
Marian UniversityFond Du LacWINCAA III W  5002065%27,400 27,400
Univ of Wisconsin- WhitewaterWhitewaterWINCAA III    W   2276%7,692 16,265