Pro Odds 2020

Odds of a US High School Athlete playing Pro Sports:
Odds of a US High School Player:
Making any College roster:8:117:111:114:115:110:1
Making an NCAA I Roster: 47:1116:136:1119:191:148:1
Making a Pro Roster: 829:11,920:1554:11,344:13,086:11,435:1
Methodology & Notes:
 Baseball Odds Basketball Odds  Football Odds Soccer Odds Basketball Odds Soccer Odds
US High School Players507,8831:1547,2711:11,042,4201:1473,1301:1409,1851:1406,1691:1
US College Players60,6968:131,25517:193,44211:134,78614:126,76515:139,38410:1
US NCAA I Players10,78247:14,723116:129,28736:13,989119:14,47591:18,53348:1
US Pro Players *858829:13421,920:11,645554:12831,344:11163,086:12831,435:1

Adjustments to arrive at the odds of a random US high school athlete making a pro roster include the percentage of international players and the average pro career length for each sport. This is necessary to make a valid comparison with the base data of 4 years of US high school participants:

* Pro Players 2020 MLB NBA NFL MLS WNBA NWSL
# of Teams30303226129
Roster Limit401553281222
Total Pro Players1,2004501,696560144198
Foreign Player %24%29%3%49%19%18%
# of US Players8583421,645283116162
Avr Career (years)
Adj US Players (4 years)6132851,880354133203