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4 Schools sponsored Synchronized Swimming teams in 2017:
  # of # of teams   Total Athletes  Average Avr Athletic
Division  Schools Men's Women's    Men       Women  team size Scholarship *
NCAA  I  3 - 3 - 66 22 22,742
NCAA  III 1 - 1 - 8 8 -
Totals  4 - 4 - 74 19 17,057

 Synchronized swimming  is not an official NCAA sport  so there are no NCAA limits on athletic scholarships. 

 *Average Athletic Scholarship is the average award per athlete for ALL varsity sports sponsored by the specific school. Some athletes receive full awards, some receive partial and many receive none. Additionally some sports within a school may be fully funded, some partially and some sports provide no athletic scholarships. Private schools generally have higher tuition than public schools and the average award will reflect this.
Do you have the skills to Swim in College?
What level of swimmer are coaches looking for and who are you competing with for a roster spot? A good way to get an idea is to look at the high-school bios of swimmers currently on the roster of schools that interest you. Our tables below have links to all US College varsity  team sites ... click on individual schools & see how you might compare.


US Colleges sponsoring Synchronized Swimming teams - 2017:

Schools with Varsity           Average   Annual Tuition & Fees SAT Math  ACT Comp Admission
Synchronized Swimming teams  City State Division Teams Scholarship * In-State Out of State 25% 75% 25% 75% Rate
Stanford University Palo Alto CA NCAA  I  W  28,243 47,940 47,940 700 800 31 35 5%
Wheaton College Norton MA NCAA  III   W  - 49,012 49,012 65%
Ohio State University Columbus OH NCAA  I  W  18,682 10,037 28,229 610 720 27 31 49%
University of the Incarnate Word San Antonio TX NCAA  I  W  21,301 28,898 28,898 430 530 18 23 92%


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