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  Archery               9
*   Every sport by team by state Badminton                 16
  Baseball        1,667
*   Every team by Athletic Division Basketball          2,035
  Beach Volleyball                 42
 *  Average Athletic scholarship Bowling              129
3. awarded per athlete per school Cross Country           1,525
  Cycling                  10
*  Athletic Scholarship limits per team Equestrian                75
4. & average athletic Scholarship Fencing                 42
4. awarded by Schools per Division Field Hockey               271
  Football               891
*  Team roster sizes by sport per school Golf          1,328
6. and total male & female athletes Gymnastics                  93
  Ice Hockey           160
*  The odds of a high school athlete Lacrosse               538
6. competing in college by sport Rifle                 32
  Rodeo                 74
*  In-State & Out-of-State annual Rowing               152
7. Tuition & fees by School Rugby                19
  Sailing                33
*  Annual Room & Board estimate Skiing                  42
8. by school (on campus living) Soccer          1,667
  Softball         1,679
*  Percentage of Students receiving Sprint Football                   8
9. financial assistance by School Squash                 35
  Swimming & Diving               633
*  Average Financial Assistance Synchronized Swimming                   5
10awarded per student per school Tennis         1,198
  Track & Field           1,146
*  Average SAT Math Scores per Volleyball           1,781
1 School (25% to 75% percentiles) Water Polo               112
  Wrestling              340
*  Admission rates per School Other Sports               17

Which College Department is complying better with Title IX - Engineering or Athletic?
We compared the percentage of female athletes competing at the 348 NCAA Division I schools with the percentage of female graduates from 344 Engineering Colleges and here's what we found:

* Female students comprised over 45% of NCAA I athletes in 2014 but only 19% of engineering college graduates.

* Surprisingly only 13% of computer science graduates were women,  30+ years into the information age.

* When you back football out of the calculations, the percentage of NCAA women to male athletes is virtually 50/50.

* During the last 10 years, the percentage of female NCAA I athletes increased around 6% while the percentage of female engineering college graduates decreased about 7%.

So based on hard numbers, which department is best complying with the intent of Title IX?
While Title IX is synonymous with college sports, the law in fact applies to ALL college departments and programs. Title IX does not technically impose quotas on schools, but many schools have made difficult decisions to drop certain sports in part to meet Title IX safe harbor guidelines. However other college departments subject to the same law do not appear to have the same mandate or urgency to comply.

Of course the argument made is that the disparity in percentages is due to there being significantly more male than female interest in fields such as engineering, physics, etc. However this is the same argument that was made about collegiate sports when Title IX was enacted some 40 years ago, and yet most college athletic departments have made compliance a priority and have virtually achieved gender parity.  Not an unreasonable question to ask whether other school departments are being held to the same standard that college athletic departments are in complying with Title IX.
College/Department Engineering *  Athletic **
Number of schools surveyed 344 348
% of female graduates / participants - 2014 18.9% 45.1%
% of female graduates / participants - 2003 20.4% 42.4%
Change in female percentages 2003 to 2014  - 7%  + 6%
* Engineering College graduate statistics are from the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)  2013 survey of undergraduates from 344 Engineering Colleges. These colleges tend to be among the larger universities in the United States and the vast majority of these schools are also NCAA I member institutions.

** NCAA Division I participation based on athletic data compilation fiscal year 2013-14.


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