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9 Schools sponsored Sprint Football teams during 2017:
            Average  Scholarship Average 2017
  # of # of teams Total Athletes  Team  Limit Athletic
Division  Schools Men's Women's    Men       Women  Roster  per team   Scholarship * 
NCAA  I  4 4 - 240 - 60 - -
NCAA  II 5 5 - 244 - 49 - 5,050
Totals  9 9 - 484 - 54   5,050

 Sprint football is not an official NCAA sport, so there are no NCAA limits on athletic scholarships. However all sponsoring schools participate in accordance with rules outlined by the College Sprint Football League;  See our page on scholarship limits for more information.

 *Average Athletic Scholarship is the average award per athlete for ALL varsity sports sponsored by the specific school. Some athletes receive full awards, some receive partial and many receive none. Additionally some sports within a school may be fully funded, some partially and some sports provide no athletic scholarships.


All US Colleges sponsoring varsity Sprint Football teams - 2017:

Schools with Varsity           Average   Admission
Sprint Football Teams   City State Division Teams Scholarship * Rate
Post University Waterbury CT NCAA  II  M 7,831 81%
U.S. Naval Academy Annapolis MD NCAA  I M  full ride!  9%
Franklin Pierce University Rindge NH NCAA  II  M 3,084 80%
Caldwell University Caldwell NJ NCAA  II  M 9,008 64%
Cornell University Ithaca NY NCAA  I M                  -   15%
U.S. Military Academy West Point NY NCAA  I M  full ride!  10%
Chestnut Hill College Philadelphia PA NCAA  II  M 3,469 93%
Mansfield University  Mansfield PA NCAA  II  M 1,856 89%
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia PA NCAA  I M                  -   10%


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